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Oct 26, 2012

Applewood Ranch Wreaths

"Welcome to Applewood Ranch Wreaths

Applewood Ranch is family owned and located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, nestled in a lush farming valley at the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.

Our hand-made wreaths are lovingly crafted at our ranch from only fresh-cut aromatic Noble and Douglas Fir. They are shipped fresh so you can enjoy a touch of the Pacific Northwest wilderness during your holidays."

Applewood Ranch Wreaths

"Roman's Wreaths is part of our son's contribution to our family-run business. We believe in enhancing his education with the hands-on experience he can get while helping to manage the details of customer service, orders, and manufacturing. He will get 10% for his education fund, plus he will make a little pocket money for himself for each wreath we sell."

Applewood Ranch Wreaths

"Welcome to Applewood Ranch! We are a family owned business, located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest at the foothills of the Olympic Mountains. Our unique Christmas Wreaths are made with care and pride, out of the rich, fragrant fresh Noble Fir, Cedar, Holly and Juniper that can only be found here, in the Pacific Northwest. The wreaths are made to order so they are absolutely fresh when you get them, allowing them to last as long as possible. We are absolutely flexible with mailing as gifts, and making your wreath perfect for your holidays. The holidays are just around the corner, don't let yourself get behind, order one or more of our beautiful wreaths today."

Applewood Ranch Wreaths

More Information and How to Order Applewood Ranch Wreaths

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