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Oct 22, 2012

When a Federal Judge Comes into a Deposition and Makes a Verbal Ruling that a Pro Se Defendant HAS to Answer Incriminating Questions that she is Refusing to Answer, whose Duty is it to "Transcribe" that Record?

Judge Marco Hernandez's Court says that it was the Job of the Court Transcriber / Reporter that attorney for the Plaintiff' David Aman Hired. How can this be? The Plaintiff's attorney hires a Court Transcriber / Reporter and they simply answer to that attorney. And I, a Pro Se Defendant, am simply void of my Legal and Constitutional Rights?

So did the Court Transcriber / Reporter conspire with David Aman, Tonkon Torp. Or was the Court Transcriber / Reporter just doing her job?  Was her job to do as David Aman told her to do?  Why was there NO Transcription going on at a time when a Federal Judge Forced a Pro Se Defendant to answer questions that incriminated me for criminal activity in which I was not even on Trial For.

My answers regarding my Search Engine Business, was used by this same Judge at a later date to use against me in the accusation of extortion in a Denial of a New Trial. This was, in Turned used By Forbes, the New York Times and other Big Media to Defame Me, and incite hate against me.  And there is NO Record?

Judge Hernandez said, we should be on the Record, yet  "there was no court-hired reporter there" as confirmed by the Oregon Courts Today, October 18th 2012.  So, why did Judge Marco Hernandez come into my deposition and make a ruling that I had to do or say anything at all?

My Court Order Deposition was after my Hearing, where I said I was being accused of a Crime. And Judge Hernandez Said your not being accused of a crime and if you are accused of a Crime, simply plead the Fifth.

As you See in Page 16 Line 8, I say to the Court:

" I do have one question about tomorrow, what he's allowed to bring.  He's accusing me of extortion over and over and over. And if he's allowed to put in emails and accuse me of extortion, which is a crime, do I have any rights on that tomorrow in a criminal justice system?

The Court:  This isn't a criminal case

Ms. Cox:  But Extortion is a Crime

The Court" That's right. And you have the right to remain silent if you think you may be subject to criminal prosecution, which means that you don't have to testify if you don't want to by the way."

Yet hours later, and off the record Judge Hernandez ordered me to answer the questions about those accusation.  This Violated my 5th Amendment Rights. I was forced to Testify against myself, and this was used the next day in my Trial. And later used to persecute me in the Public Eye. As Judge Marco Hernandez accused me of a Crime in a Denial of a New Trial. Stating that I was not a Journalist, and had no Journalistic Standards because I had offered a tasty sum. When this was not the truth, nor was I allowed any defense into the facts of that accusation or matter.

I needed to know if the email was coming in, so that I could print out the surrounding emails in my defense and submit them to the court, I was Denied this right.

Also in this Hearing, why was I told to provide documents of my business, and all those records? This was to set up my source and connected parties. I Refused. Why did this Judge order me to give clients and customers to my SEO Business, of which I was not making a living at, yet did not order records from my Real Estate Business, nor My Nutritional Supplement Business which I was making money at?  It was to set me up for Extortion, to make me look "bad" and hope that by doing this that I would be unable to EXPOSE the Corruption among the Portland Oregon Elite Attorneys.

What does my "services" have to do with whether the blog post I was on Trial for was true or NOT? If there was a concern over my "services" shouldn't that have been a separate trial, or even a criminal case built against me, there was NONE. There was no formal complaint filed against me.

I did "Provide" over 500 pages of proof of where I got the information on that ONE Blog Post, and I was Denied Use of this Information. Here are those Documents.

Here is hearing transcripts from right before the Trial.

A Bit More on this Subject:

Judge Marco Hernandez, a Federal Judge ordered me, Crystal L. Cox Pro SE Defendant to bear witness against myself which violates my Constitutional Rights.

Camera's Off, No Court Reporter. It was Nov. 28th 2011, after this hearing

I had a deposition. This Deposition was in the Court Room. The Same Court Room as the Nov. 28th Hearing Denying my First Amendment Rights, and the Same Court Room as the Trial.

In this Deposition I was asked many questions, much of it had to do with other businesses I may have ever had. This was nothing to do with the facts of the blog post nor where I got those facts. I have the transcripts of this deposition.

In the Room were David Aman, Crystal Cox, the Court Recorder hired by David Aman, Video Camera Guy, and Judge Hernandez's Clerk. There was no Federal Court Recorder taking transcripts regarding anything said by the Court, or by Judge Marco Hernandez.

I, Crystal Cox refused to Answer questions of every client I had, of my Forestry Degree, High School I went to and all matters relating to my Search Engine Reputation Business. I refused because this had NOTHING to do with the facts of the blog post or whether it was true or not. The questions were a witch hunt, in order to set me up for the crime of Extortion.

When I refused, David Aman, attorney for the Plaintiff Demanded that Judge Marco Hernandez Clerk go and get him. The first time this happened, the Clerk came back and said, the Judge says to wait til more toward the end of the deposition and make a list and he will address it later. (this is shown as a break, in my deposition transcripts).  Soon after this, I continued to refuse to answer questions that were unrelated to that blog post. So David Aman, Tonkon Torp Attorney for the Plaintiff demanded again that Judge Marco Hernandez's Clerk go and get the Judge to FORCE me to answer these questions.

You can see a break in the records in my transcripts. There is also proof this happened, as the Transcripts of my Spokane WA records show that I was, again questioned regarding my past business, and was pushed to answers. When I hesitated. David Aman says if I don't answer, he will contact the Judge again to make me answer, just as he did before. This is in my Deposition regarding my alleged assets, this was taken by David Aman, in Spokane Washington.

David Aman Conspired with Judge Marco Hernandez and Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox was Denied Due Process. 

Judge Hernandez ruled, forced me to answer David Aman regarding my Search Engine Reputation business. And then in a New Trial Denial Judge Hernandez accused me of a crime. The New York Times, Forbes, Fox News and many others picked this up and thereby persecuted me for a crime I was not even on trial for. This has ruined my life as I know it, and is not Rules of Procedure, Not Lawful, and Certainly Not Ethical.

Why was Nancy Walker, Official Court Recorder NOT Recording Judge Marco Hernandez forcing a Pro Se Defendant to answer questions that she, I was refusing to answer? Is this NOT a Denial of Due Process?

Why is there no phone records, chamber records, or email records of private conversations between Judge Hernandez and David Aman, attorney for the Plaintiff. I know they happened, and many times. As David Aman said to the Judge, you know what I am asking, we have discussed this.   Judge Hernandez agreed and then made me answer. They conspired to set me up for extortion. This is Illegal, but apparently  Judge Hernandez and his Staff are above the Law.

Nov. 28th 2011 Court Ordered Deposition of Defendant Crystal Cox

Why Was I Not Allowed to Check the Deposition for Errors BEFORE it was Used Against me in a Trial the Very Next Day? Was it NOT my Legal Right?

Why was the Court Reporter Violating my rights and only listening to David Aman? Well David Aman hired the Video Guy and the Court Reporter, so they answered to him, and I had NO RIGHTS.

This Violates my 14th Amendment Rights I Believe. Violates my Rights to Due Process.

This Violates my 5th Amendment Rights as it Forces me to bear witness to myself / self incrimination. Of which was used against me in a trial for a 2.5 Million Dollar Judgement the very next day. And used for a Denial of a New Trial which accused me of the Crime of Extortion. And this FORCED information, was OFF THE RECORD.

Remember, my Spokane Washington Deposition shows clearly, David Aman threatening to call the Judge and force me to answer AGAIN. More on that one Later.