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Nov 5, 2012

Judge Marco Hernandez Deliberately Stripped Blogger Crystal Cox of ALL Defenses in Order to Protect Corruption in Portland Oregon.

"MINUTES of Proceedings: Oral Argument held on plaintiffs' Motion to Compel 60 ; pretrial issues addressed. Judge Marco A. Hernandez presiding. ORDER: Defendant to disclose documents in response to Requests Nos. 1, 3 and 6 (in part as stated on record). Requests Nos. 5, 6 (in part as stated on record) and 8 are denied and no disclosure of documents is required. No answer to Interrogatory No. 3 is required.

The court denies the following defenses as stated in defendant's Trial Memorandum: Defenses under 

(1) the Oregon retraction statute;

(2) Anti-Slapp law;

(3) actual malice; and,

(4) absolute privilege.

The court determines that the plaintiffs are not public figures, that defendant is not the media, and that the shield law doesnt apply.

Additionally, the court determines that the subject matter of the blog post at issue is not a matter of public concern. An opinion explaining the courts reasoning on these issues will follow.

Plaintiffs' exhibits 4-20A and 27-27A from website are excluded unless defendant testifies.

Plaintiffs' expert Robert Madrigal may testify as to the following points: (a) use of the internet; (b) the importance of reputation; and (c) the likelihood of potential buyers being exposed to other websites on a search engine results page. See Section II(a), (b) and (c) of Madrigal's export report. Robert Madrigal may not testify to the influence on buyers of derogatory statements appearing in a search engine results page. See Section II(d) of Madrigal's expert report.

All hearsay portions of witnesses testimony are excluded. 

Defendant's other objections to witnesses are overruled.

David S. Aman and Steven M. Wilker present as counsel for plaintiff(s). Crystal Cox present as pro se defendant. (Court Reporter Nancy Walker.) Copy of this order emailed to defendant. (mr) (Entered: 11/28/2011)"

Court Docket Entry Dated

To View Full Obsidian V. Cox Docket Click Below

Judge Marco Hernandez, the VERY Next Day, at the Obsidian V. Cox Trial and with no notification to Pro Se Defendant Crystal Cox, had changed what was "excluded". As Obsidian Finance Group did simply just state a loss, and it was here say and the bank VP did NOT have to Testify as Judge Hernandez stated the day before.

Here is the Transcript of the Hearing on 11/28/2011

Here is the Full Trial Transcript

Also note above where it says, "unless defendant testifies", this was unlawful and violated my rights as Judge Marco Hernandez and Plaintiff Attorney David Aman pushed me to NOT Testify on my own behalf with deals of other posts not coming in, and emails not coming into the trial if I did not testify. In a way I was duped. Essentially, AGAIN, Stripping me of my right to Due Process and My Constitutional Rights.

Also Note Above that Motion 84, is a Motion I filed called "Motion to Request Plaintiff's Attorney Stick to Material Facts". Filed by Crystal Cox. (mr) (mr). (Entered: 11/28/2011)"

For More Regarding Document 84, Click Below