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Dec 11, 2012

Corrupt Montana County Attorney Bernie Cassidy RUINS Lives with No Accountability. Make a Stand, Give Voice To Victims. Bernie Cassidy MUST be Held Accountable for His Actions. File Criminal Complaints, Start a Blog, Publish Documents, Speak OUT. Stand up for Each Other. do the Right Thing. Lincoln County Montana Corrupt County Attorney Bernie Cassidy is Destroying Families, Violating Civil Right and Endangering Lives.

"Dear Crystal,

   I originally wrote this letter to Montana State attorney general. Rather than rewrite eh whole thing I am just forwarding on to you. It says what it needs to say. I am badly in need of some kind of help here.

Bernie Cassidy is about to eat me alive in court and I've lost my kids entirely thanks to this loser. Lost my kids to a man who already tried to kill them based on testimony that is not fact but is allowed into court without need for evidence and judged upon me as fact.

This man cares not for my kids lives. HELP!! My kids are going to die eventually. I'm facing jail time or worse. Please feel free to call me or write me or both.
Laura Glover

I am writing in sincerest hopes that this letter will make it through to you. I am a mother of two boys, ages seven and eight, Tristan and Robby respectively. We are located in Libby, MT. I left my boys father in 2008 because of his alcoholism and verbally abusive nature. I was with him for eight and a half years prior, in which I tried my hardest to make things work. When I left him, I stayed in Libby two years trying to find a job. Libby has one of the highest unemployment rates in our beautiful state sadly.

There are no jobs, or so few jobs and so many people in line hoping to be hired. One is lucky to find work at all here. So after two years of not being able to find work I did the next best thing and relocated to Washington State where I grew up because I knew I could find something there.

I did find full time work there eventually. My ex, my kids dad, hasn’t worked in around seven years now. He says he does, he rakes leaves and shovels snow for a few people and calls that good. He does not make enough to support the kids in the least, and lives off his mother. He won’t find work, isn’t even looking. During all this a custody battle ensued. Around a year ago we went to court for the interim parenting plan. The courts ruled in his favor even though I proved I was the more financially stable, mentally fit and better parent.

No, I don’t really know why the court ruled in his favor that being said. Let me give you a background on my ex, his name is Brant. He is diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder, which isn’t technically borderline anything. Rather it is a mental illness all of its own. With symptoms of uncontrollable anger and irrational emotions. He should be diagnosed with schizophrenia, but won’t discuss that he hears voices to his doctor.

He is a cutter, not of the high school variety. He still does it, and in fact has “Fuck you” and “Robby and Tristan” carved into his upper thighs. He has scars up and down his arms, crisscrossing. He is suicidal and has been committed to the state hospital on multiple occasions. He is an alcoholic who has had multiple DUI’s throughout the years.

One of those DUI’s, December 28th, 2006 our youngest son was in the Suburban with him when he got arrested for that DUI. It was not in the police report that Tristan was in the car seat in the back, I don’t know why. But Brant was pulled over that specific time for driving in the other lane. Yes, Brant drives drunk with our kids regularly.

Brant has threatened to kill my younger brother with a baseball bat filled with sharpened nails. Hand sharpened by Brant. He has threatened to beat my Dad up. He stalked me and would take pictures of me when I was out and about. I have, in fact, had three restraining orders against him in the past. In my initial argument about the parenting plan, I said “These things that occur in pattern, will continue to occur in pattern and as the set pattern of the past will get progressively worse. His next step is hurting someone else” which happened to be the kids. No one listened to me.

On March 3rd, 2012 Brant had an episode. The kids had gotten sick and he blamed his mom of poising them. He threw away the food the kids were eating and went into a rage. He smashed things around the house and head butted his large fish tank causing a gash on his forehead. He told the kids goodbye that they were never going to have to go to school again and cut Robby on the wrist.

His mother made sure to tell the family members to keep it hush hush that Brant had a knife at all, so that he wouldn’t get in trouble for it. (This isn’t the first time she has done this.) Brant was arrested that night for fighting with his family member, no knife was reported.

A week later my sons went to visit my parents. They told their Grandparents what had happened and my Dad called me. I called cps and spoke to Bob Webber, he said he would take pictures and do what was necessary. I called the cops who refused to take a statement, twice, saying that they thought it was coerced. Really??! So no cops heard my sons statements. Brant was in jail so I went and got my kids. I was allowed to take them out of state being that I lived out of state.

After I had the kids with me for about a week Bob Webber, of cps, said that it was the safety plan for the kids to be with me. I made sure to have a witness to this conversation. And she is willing to testify for me of this fact. I can provide any other documents needed in this case, so you can review it.

Anyhow, Brant gets out of jail and reports that I broke the parenting plan by keeping the kids from him. (Remember, I was told that it was the safety plan for them to be with me.) The county attorney, Bernard Cassidy, contacts my attorney, Charles Sprinkle, and asked about the reported custodial interference. My attorney said to Mr. Cassidy that he had personally heard the children’s statements and they were certainly not safe with Brant to please investigate this matter further, to get the facts.

Mr. Cassidy said he would and we heard nothing for some time. My boys and I were doing awesome in Washington during this. They were well taken care of, in school, loved and never cut off from any family member.

In fact I bought them both cheap cell phones and put all immediate family members on speed dial so they had absolute freedom to call any family member as they chose. Which they did frequently, at least several times a day. Then around the end of May, out of the blue and completely without warning I heard that there was a warrant for my arrest for custodial interference. They wanted me to return the kids to their Dad and turn myself in immediately.

I called and spoke with Mr. Cassidy and told him that I was under instructions from Bob Webber of cps to keep the children. He said that did not matter. I told Mr. Cassidy that he said he would investigate this matter further, he told me he investigated me only and called me a criminal. He said Brant’s Mother had more parental rights than me. I said that was not legal unless I had been proved unfit. He said a judge can do whatever he wants. (I recorded this conversation, legally. I would love to provide you a copy of it.)

This conversation ended with me near tears telling Mr. Cassidy that my kids dad tried to hurt my kids and this county was making it ok. I asked how he was going to guarantee my kids safety, he said he couldn’t. I am so ashamed this man works for this county. I am even more ashamed that any of my tax dollars may go to his salary. Mr. Cassidy did not care in the slightest that my son had been cut on the wrist. He didn’t care when I asked him what he would say to me if Brant finished the job next time.

This man, Mr. Cassidy, is in a position of trust. Our citizens rely on him to do a fair and complete job. To be passionate about his work because that’s what he has to be to make a difference. And most of all people trust this man to protect them and their family members. All these things he does not do or does a horrible job of. His seat needs to be vacated so someone capable of performing the tasks he refuses to can take the seat.

Someone who is capable of doing the job Mr. Cassidy WILL NOT DO! So anyhow, I went to jail for custodial interference. We just went back to court for the permanent parenting plan. Once again the judge rules in Brant’s favor. He did not care either that Robby had been cut on the wrist by his Dad.

I am now allowed one hour twice a week of supervised visitations. I don’t get to see them on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any major holidays. I get them for a two hour block on Mothers day, and their birthdays and that is it. Thank you Libby Montana. This is how you protect my children!!! I am told to pay child support (Yay, I get to support Brant’s drinking habit now! This money will NEVER go to the kids. Not when their Dad can spend it on beer.)

I am told to pay court costs for Brant and all fees for both Brant AND his mother flying to California, where I was when I was arrested. Basically, in short the parenting plan reads that I only briefly get to see the children and I am supposed to pay, pay, pay…… Wow, I honestly have lost ALL faith in Libby through this. In fact, I want to move as soon as I am able. I am not a bad parent. Let me give you some of my background. I am 32, I have a few things on my record from when I was a teenager. But I grew up and left the wild child days in the past. I work hard, I support myself and my children, I don’t drink, I am mentally sound. I am a good mother who adores my kids and promotes them to have a healthy childhood. I want Brant to get help, psychological help and stick with it!

My hopes are that someday he can somehow be a healthy part of the kids lives. As for now I don’t want him to be alone with them. He has episodes at least once a week. He’s going to hurt the kids, he will harm them.

Why won’t anyone here listen to me? How many times throughout history has someone said that something was going to happen, maybe a husband killed a wife and she said prior that she was in danger, or other incidences. It happens all the time. Someone cries for help that their in danger and gets ignored, and that person ends up dead. This is and has been my cry for help.

My kids will someday end up dead at the hands of their dad. Someone needs to listen. Please, please be the one. Because in truth, all those who have chosen to ignore this issue are as guilty as if they’d help the knife to my sons wrist as well. Complacency in preventing crimes causes crimes! Thank you for your time. I hope this has reached you so that you have heard, but not just heard…. HEARD.

This town has done a poor job caring for my children’s safety and well being.  You’re campaign commercials boast that you protect children. This is why I chose to write you. And I promise, if you do just that you have my vote. Not only that you will have my vote for any future endeavors you commence.

You say you protect children, prove it, protect mine from their death sentence passed down in the name of “justice”. It is a horrible travesty that the judges that sit on the seat and the callous cops who wouldn’t take my sons statements, and the cps worker who decided he didn’t believe my children are allowed to do these things and name them justice. It scars the very word to call anything so complacent “justice”. Please look into this matter and do what no one else has done. Protect my beautiful little men.

Thank you,
Laura Glover"

"Please feel free to share my story. She was an invaluable support to me. I know you aren't an attorney. I also know that you are awesome publicising such things as this. I need some of that publicity if I have any hope of fighting cassidy. I'm scared. My trial date is jan 24th. Cassidy will destroy me if he can. He hates me for the same reason he hates you and mary, we're a danger to him. I will definitely start a blog tomorrow and send you the link.

And I appreciate the help immensly. It is people such as you and mary and the wonderful friends in my life who have supported me that have kept shining a light for me in the proverbial dark hole that libby put me in. I am a great writer, artist and such and any way I can possibly help you in our joint causes I would be more than honored to do so.

I feel god has led me to this place because I'm meant to help others in fact, I want to become an attorney and work on a purely pro bono basis to fight for others in similar situations. I want you to know, I stumbled across your blogs randomly one day in my search for some relief. I was soooo excited that day. You arfe a stgrong and brave woman! I completely commend you, hats off to you lady! As I've said I am a very intelligent individual as well as multi talented. Use me please, I feel god leading me in this direction. Thanks again. :) -Laura"