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Dec 19, 2012

Doug Chey involved in iViewit Technology Theft. Warner Bros Signed NDA.

Letters to and from Douglas Chey (“Chey”), Senior Vice President of Technology for Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment

"May 25, 2001 Letters to and from Douglas Chey (“Chey”), Senior Vice President of Technology for 
Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment and Divisional CIO, Motion Pictures and Television Productions of 
Sony Pictures Entertainment. DouglasChey, formerly with Warner Bros. was working with Iviewit at 
Sony (also under Signed Agreements) together with Warner to do a Five Studio Movie Download Project
Movielink, where the Iviewit inventions were to be the backbone enabling technologies to make digital download 
and streaming possible as a commercial endeavor.

Since that time, Warner Bros et al. and Sony have both done similar digital downloading projects, 
in violation of Signed Agreements with Iviewit.