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Feb 27, 2013

AAPL, Apple General Gounsel Bruce Sewell Named in ANOTHER Rico Complaint. AAPL, Apple Investors, APPLE Shareholders have a HUGE Liability Regarding the iViewit Stolen Video Technology and Bruce Sewell. Read ALL the Details and Documents as AAPL Shareholders are at Risk.

Apple General Gounsel Bruce Sewell was the General Counsel at Intel, INTC. Check out NEW RICO Filed Naming Bruce Sewell.,%20COX%20vs.%20Randazza.%20Racketeer/Corrupt%20Organization%20Jurisdiction:%20Diversity%20Case

Also check out Letter of Liability to Intel Shareholders Regarding Bruce Sewell, AAPL, APPLE Liability Letter Coming Soon..

"Apple Investors Endorse Directors, Executives"

"CUPERTINO, Calif.—Apple Inc. AAPL -0.98% shareholders Wednesday strongly endorsed the company's board and management despite a recent flare-up and pair of lawsuits over its cash hoard.

At Apple's annual shareholder meeting held in its headquarters here, the company said preliminary votes showed strong support for the company's directors, with Chief Executive Tim Cook receiving support from more than 90% of votes tallied before the meeting.

Shareholders also voted in favor of the company's proposed appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as its independent auditor, as well as an advisory vote on executive's compensation. Shareholders voted down two shareholder proposals however, which attempted to direct how much stock the company's leadership must retain, and another proposal to create a director-level committee on human rights. Apple's directors opposed both proposals as well.

The shareholder meeting was rather tame compared with what it could have been. Last week, a U.S. District Judge sided with hedge-fund manager David Einhorn, who argued that the way Apple was bundling several shareholder proposals into one item was illegal. The argument was seen as a proxy by Mr. Einhorn, who used the attention of the fight as a pulpit to discuss his proposal for the company to distribute more of its $137 billion cash hoard through a set of preferred shares.

Ultimately, Apple withdrew the proposal, which if approved would have given shareholders the right to vote on issuing preferred shares. Currently, only Apple's board can issue such shares.

Apple General Gounsel Bruce Sewell said Wednesday it was "committed" to reviving the proposal that bundled several corporate governance measures. Mr. Einhorn sued Apple to block the vote because he believed it could hamper Apple from adopting his proposal for a new type of preferred dividend-yielding stock to return more cash to shareholders."

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