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Feb 7, 2013

"Dear Inspector General" From Eliot Bernstein iViewit.

"From: Eliot Ivan Bernstein [] 
Sent: Thursday, February 7, 2013 6:43 PM
To: 'General, Inspector (OIG)'
Cc: The Honorable Glenn Fine - Inspector General Department of Justice, Lonnie Davis Miami Field Office; Lonnie Davis (Business Fax); Caroline Prochotska Rogers Esq.; Michele M. Mulrooney ~ Partner @ Venable LLP; Marc R. Garber Esq.; Marc R. Garber Esq. @ Flaster Greenberg P.C.; Marc R. Garber, Esquire @ Flaster Greenberg P.C.; Andrew Dietz @ Rock-It Cargo USA, Inc.; Frank Brady @ Expose Corrupt Courts; 'Christine C. Anderson'
Subject: RE: IVIEWIT BREAKING NEWS --- NY+Supreme+Court+Ethics+Department+Targeting+Whistleblowers in Eliot Bernstein RICO & ANTITRUST related lawsuit

Dear Inspector General,

In response to your letter below, please make this communique part of the ongoing investigation started under the Glenn Fine administration regarding the Iviewit and Eliot Bernstein case file that specifically deals with several instances of misconduct by employees of the US Department of Justice, as well as waste fraud and abuse affecting the DOJ.  

In fact, we are waiting for responses from information sent in to the OIG offices regarding my ongoing RICO and ANTITRUST Lawsuit, which is legally related Whistleblower lawsuit filed by Christine C. Anderson, Esq., a New York Supreme Court Disciplinary Agency attorney, who claimed in sworn testimony in US Federal Court, before the honorable Shira A. Scheindlin that she witnessed attorney complaints against US Attorney’s whitewashed and document destruction and obstruction of justice for members of the USDOJ.  

These felony crimes were alleged committed by senior ranking members of the New York Supreme Court, in conjunction with other agents of state and federal agencies to hide the complaints lodged against attorneys, a you scrub my back scenario amongst these corrupt government officials, including members of the DOJ.  Mr. Fine had referred me to Lonnie Davis of the Miami field office who has been working on these matters of National Importance for several years and has been given much evidence of the widespread corruption this case exposes.  Mr. Davis is also dealing with the fact that the DOJ, the FBI, the FBI OPR and the US Attorney Office in Miami will not speak with me regarding these matters and have referred me and all my matters to your offices as they involve a mass of corruption allegations against senior members of the DOJ dating back almost a decade. 

For your convenience in understanding these matters a bit better I am attaching herewith a link to a letter sent to President Barack Hussein Obama II and Attorney General Holder and others that will explain much of what this case is about.

The attached news article below from Expose Corrupt Courts blog directly relates to the New York Supreme Court targeting Whistleblower Anderson and violating virtually all of her (and another 125 victims) personal privacy rights to “Obstruct Justice” as claimed by the anonymous whistleblower responsible for the violations of civil rights.  

This unidentified source has brought millions of documents now to the US Attorney and I, Eliot Bernstein, have been personally told by an insider that I am most definitely one of the “targets” whose rights have been wholly violated to stifle our evidence and cases and that we are in danger.  Since US Attorneys and FBI personnel have been accused by Anderson and also complained of in several of the legally related cases to Anderson by Judge Scheindlin, these matters can only be handled by your offices and we have sought action from the DOJ OIG for several years and we have not yet heard back and presume our cases are remain being investigated.  

These claims of 24/7 unauthorized wiretaps and surveillance against victims of crimes of government agents exposed in the article below to silence whistleblowers and others with evidence against members of the DOJ and others, now demands urgent reply for our safety and privacy in our lives and also for the grave threat this criminal RICO activity inside government at the highest outposts of law and order represents to our great nation.  Please feel free to contact me for further information or evidence.  As I have been victimized by a car bombing in Florida, I find these matters to be life threatening. 

Yours truly,

Eliot I. Bernstein
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