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Feb 15, 2013

Sean Boushie, Impersonating Crystal Cox from the University of Montana Servers. Montana FBI, Montana Police DO NOTHING

Looking Forward to my Las Vegas Trial. I will Get to Question the Puppet Master under Oath, even about PornWikiLeaks and lot's of Juicy Stuff. Probably NOT until after my Ninth Circuit Appeal though, as something FISHY is GOING on in the Las Vegas Courts.

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  1. We will be there!!!

    1. Web Stat Below Proves that this Person Impersonating Me is From the University of Montana

      Visitor Analysis & System Spec
      Referring URL:
      Host Name:umma003.dn76.umontana.eduBrowser:IE 9.0
      IP Address: — [Label IP Address]Operating System:Win7
      Location:Missoula, Montana, United StatesResolution:1120x700
      Returning Visits:3Javascript:Enabled
      Visit Length:10 mins 22 secsISP:University Of Montana

      Navigation Path

      15 Feb09:47:59
      15 Feb09:48:41
      15 Feb09:48:49
      15 Feb09:48:51
      15 Feb09:57:56
      15 Feb09:57:59
      15 Feb09:58:10
      15 Feb09:58:13
      15 Feb09:58:21