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Feb 14, 2013

"Serial Stalker Sean M. Boushie continues to stalk, harass, and threaten Bill Windsor of Lawless America"

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sean-boushie-1-26-2013 7-41-30 pm-head-cropped-200w
Serial Stalker Sean Boushie from the University of Montana continues to stalk, harass, and threaten Bill Windsor of Lawless America.
Bill Windsor has filed criminal charges against Sean MBoushie in both Montana and Georgia
Meanwhile Sean M. Boushie of the University of Montana continues his stalking sending email after email.
 Here are just some of the emails and messages from Sean M. Boushie, 570 Grandview Drive, Stevensville, MT 59870:

From: Sean Boushie [ mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 9:11 PM
So what the hell dumbass?? No warrant,no nothing?? Is that the best your tiny little brain can do?? 
Loved the part about you hiring your own private stalker. Such a shame your tiny testicals won't let you do your own dirty work, such a worthless low life koward you are. Come out from behind your keyboard koward. I'm waiting....
Now, go fuck your self you fat ass lying koward.

From: John Smith alias for Sean M. Boushie
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2013 2:22 AM
Subject: Comment has been added: WANTED: Information on Stalking or Illegal Acts by Sean M. Boushie
So what happened fat ass?? Still a panty wearing koward? No balls to do your own dirtywork ? That figures... Toobusy being a homosexual pesophile or what??? Either way, tell barbara to buy a nice prison outfit. The ol po is coming for both of you. Because you know she really owns la, don't ya dumbass...... Ya we can show her making deposits into windosr company accounts from a la donation. Barb endorsed the check..... You are so screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revove all your lies and bullshit about me by friday or I send the police for both of you. Not kidding around asshole, we have mors than enough for stalking, fraud, harassment and. Running a scam operation.. See ya soon dumbass!!!!!

From: [mailto:
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 4:42 PM
Subject: Re
Shove it up your big fat pie hole lard ass. Grow a pair dumbass. You are a liar and a koward. Now go the fuck away and leave me alone. Pie tard. Oh tel your lover crystal I said she can go fuck herself too. What an asshole you are.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

From: [mailto:
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 10:17 AM
Hey you worthless piece of shit! Why don't you leave my friend ginger alone? We all know you are too much of a worthless koward to ever face anyone in person so just give it up ass hole. Hope you do go down to cobb county sherriff, my issued warrant for your arrest is probably ready, too bad they will have to arrest your wife too, oh well you did it to her fatass. When is she divorcing your psycho fat ass anyway??? Did I mention we all think your pie loving fat ass, is.. Well fat?? You are nothing more than one more scum sucking liying megalomaniac who is a perpetual liar and a sociopath. Dont like my opinion go screw yourself. I hope your wife and son enjoy my lawsuit, I should own alcatraz media by the time I'm done. One tip, grow some balls, quit being a keyboard koward, you have my address, come get me!!! Make sure to bring the fake picture of your wittle gun. As if you could actually buy a gun. Now, go in the corner and fuck yourself you fat asshole.
Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Sean M. Boushie also posts as "John Smith" on

This WANTED poster was prepared by a Lawless America supporter.  If you have information about stalking or other illegal acts by Sean Boushie of the University of Montanaplease contact Bill Windsor at as well as your local police department.  When you contact me, I will provide you with the names and numbers of the law enforcement authorities that we know are involved.
It is not known at this time whether Sean Boushie is the culprit, but I now receive emails every few seconds about Sean Boushie subscribing on YouTube.  I get one every 30 seconds or so.
Then my son's company and my wife received posts on my son's company's website today demanded that my wife, my son, and my son's company "Cease and Desist" from harassing HIM.  Sean Boushie persists in claiming that my son's company hosts this website.  It doesn't, and he has been informed of this repeatedly.  He also falsely claims that my wife owns this website, and he had also been informed numerous times that she does not.  But, he just keeps stalking and harassing, because that is apparently about all he knows how to do.

Sean M. Boushie Information

Sean Boushie has guns and is apparently talented enough with a bow and arrow to kill animals.  I consider him armed and dangerous.
Sean Boushie's Photobucket Site had a wonderful slide show of dress-up in the woods with old people wearing old-timey coonskin cap-like costumes, but it looks like he has taken most of the photos down.  :-(  Fortunately, I got screen shots of the most interesting photos, and I am providing all of this information to the Georgia Police Department.
It appears that Sean Boushie drives a 2004 Ford Ranger.  Sean Boushie uses the screen name flintlocknfur, and he said he had lost many jobs -- 5 jobs in 10 years.
I am posting this information for the benefit of others who have been or may be stalked by Sean Boushie.  From the volume of stalking work, victims speculate that his full-time job is stalking.

Previous articles about Sean Boushie:

Law Enforcement Authorities in several states are investigating Stalker Sean Boushie.

Stalker Sean Boushie threatens Bill Windsor and his family - Facebook supports his efforts and blocks Lawless America

I do not know Sean Boushie.  I first learned of him when he began sending me bizarre emails.  I quickly learned from Crystal Cox that Sean Boushie stalks her, so I apparently became a target because I believe Crystal Cox.  I have subsequently received reports from others who say they have been cyber attacked by him.  I have never emailed him except in response to emails and when copying him on abuse complaints filed with Yahoo and Gmail.  I have never harassed him in any manner.  I have written articles exposing him as a stalker, a liar, and one gross person, but that's it, and that is not stalking or harassment -- just the news, just the facts.
But boy does he stalk and harass me!  He has threatened my wife and son online and through letters and emails.
Sean Boushie's YouTube page was filled with links to videos about guns and explosivesAnticipating that his YouTube account might quickly disappear (as it did), we captured anActivity Log and screenshots:  Screenshot 1 -- Screenshot 2 -- Screenshot 3 --Screenshot 4 -- Screenshot 5 -- Screenshot 6 -- Screenshot 7
One of the YouTube videos that Sean Boushie has liked is titled "The Wrong and Right Way to Shoot Someone."
We have captured various IP addresses that he uses, including,, and possibly,, and 
One of the emails I received from him is from, and among other things, he threatens me with jail and says: "Bite me Asshole." A really classy fellow...quite an honor for the University of Montana to employ as an educator someone with such an incredible vocabulary and way with words.
Here's an email that I consider a threat to shoot me: "You are so welcome fatass!!!!!! :PAnytime you grow a pair and want to take off your little girl panties you just bring that new gun you are bragging about right overIll give you an in depth lesson in montana castle doctrineUntil then tell your wife and son to expect my lawsuit. And you, you can go fuck yourself."  He is especially fond of telling people to go f**k themselves.
Sean M. Boushie uses various aliases.  He is John Smith on, and I have received reports that he has misused the name of Crystal Cox as a Facebook alias, including Crystal Cox and crystalcoxisabitch.  He is clearly guilty of impersonating her.
There is absolutely no question that Sean Boushie has attempted to terify, threaten, harass, annoy, and offend me with lewd and profane language, lewd and lascivious acts, threats to inflict phsical harm, and more. 
Sean Boushie is a little man in stature -- 5'6" tall with extremely small hands and feet I'm told.  He does work at the University of Montana, and I did file a complaint with the campus police, FBI, and Missoula Police:
 Sean M. Boushie, 570 Grandview Drive, Stevensville, MT 59870 
 He works at the University of Montana -- Sean Boushie, Equip/Lab Tech/Super -- 
 The Missoula Police know about Sean Boushie: Detective Jamie Merifield, Domestic Violence & SVOR Investigations, (406) 552-6291, (406) 396-3253 cell, Police Station Number -- (406) 552-6300
 Helena FBI has been notified: Mark Seyler --
 University of Montana Police have been notified – DIRECTOR/COMMANDING OFFICER     
 Director/Chief, Gary Taylor -- (406) 243-2277
 University of Montana President, Royce C. Engstrom, 
 The University of Montana - Missoula, Montana 59812 - (406) 243-2311; (406) 243-2797 (Fax) - "

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