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Feb 25, 2013

the Story of The Most Hypocritical Lawyer of Our Day. Tales of the Super Powers a Rogue Constitutional Rights Attorney has over those he makes his "Enemy". Don't Worry It's Fiction, It's a Parody, by Corruption Comedian Author Crystal Cox. ALLEGED Victim of Rogue First Amendment Super Hero.

"rrrrrrrRabid rrrrrrRandazza" eBook Coming Soon. Fiction of Course 
by Author Crystal L. Cox Nakaii Publishing (since 1996), 
ISBN 1-892930-99-4 already Assigned 
by my Publishing Company.

 "Rabid Randazza"

the Story of The Most Hypocritical Lawyer of Our Day. 
Be WOWED at the Super Powers of a Rogue Constitutional Rights 
Attorney STOMPING through the Streets of GOTHAM
and REMOVING the Constitutional RIGHTS of 
those he PRONOUNCES as his "Enemy".

Judges, Attorneys, Vagrants, Shopkeepers, Prostitutes,
Barkeeps, Bankers, Cronies and the Like, ALL
bow to Kiss His Constitutional Rights Violating Ass, 
as he Parades through the Streets of GOTHAM,
as King of the Courts and RULER of ALL.