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Mar 28, 2013

"Are you Still Using a Realtor" WHY? Know your Rights. You don't Need a Realtor. If you Hire a Broker, make sure you get the DEAL that WORKS for You. Stand Up for your Rights.

A Real Estate BROKER that is Truly "Independent", is NOT a member of the National Association of REALTORS, and therefore is not a "Realtor" but instead a "Broker" or a "Real Estate Agent".  Members of NAR are Called "Realtors", I am a Real Estate Broker, I have owned my own real estate company for over a decade. I am NOT a "Realtor", I QUIT NAR years ago because NAR does not stand up for the Real Estate Consumer.

NAR forces you to sign their contracts there way. NAR has ethics and standards that are NOT law and NAR does not enforce those Ethics. You are a party to a contract and you have rights regarding those contracts, yet NAR makes you think that they are "standard" and you have no rights to change a contract, BEFORE YOU SIGN.

Don't let NAR, the National Association of REALTORS, or a "Realtor" bully you, lie to you, mislead you, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

RESPA Laws FORBID the Real Estate Agent from choosing the Title Company for you, yet they do this all the Time.

You have a right to a third party real estate consultant in your real estate deal. Even though the NAR, National Association of REALTORS says that it is not ALLOWED in their ethics and standards. A "Real Estate Consultant", that is PAID regardless of if the deal is CLOSED or not is of the highest and best good, BENEFIT, to the Real Estate Consumer. NAR forbids a 3rd party to the transaction. DEMAND that you have the right to hire a "Real Estate Consultant" to give you advice on your deal.

If an agent is only paid if the deal closes, no matter how honest the agent, how can there not be bias to some degree? They only get paid for all those hours working with you, IF they close the deal. This oftentimes leads to non-disclosure, bad deals, legal action and affects the future of the real estate consumer. Meanwhile the agent gets paid and when you sue the "Realtor", NAR and E and O insurance protects them and they out "Lawyer" and "Money" the real estate consumer.

Know your Rights BEFORE you Sign ANYTHING with a "Realtor"