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Mar 14, 2013

Hey Fucknut IDIOT Trademark, Copyright Attorney, Copyright Trolling Ambulance Chasing Devil Worshipping, Life Ruining Dickhead. Have I Got a LUCIFER job for you, I mean a Lucrative Job for you. Some BIG Domain Company, Marchex, well they have gone all Coo Coo and made a bunch of money off somebody else's NAME. I saw this and I thought OMG, this needs a Superhero, BUT Who. Then I thought Rabid Riddler Randazza is perfect for the JOB. the Riddler can call up Axel Braun, or tap him on the shoulder in pillow talk, and be the SuPeRhErO on the scene to take that domain name away from what looks to be EXTORTIONISTS. Careful, you don't get none of that thar egg on your face.

OWNER: Marchex Sales, Inc
Record expires on 04-Sep-2013.
Record created on 27-Apr-2011.

Just think of the Pay Per Click Money that Marchex Sales, Inc. has made since 2003.

WOW. Should be a Goldmine for ya Riddler. 

You should probably give me a cut on this deal. Oh, unless you get the infamous Porn Parody Director to be a Wussy, Butthurt Dumbass like you, and just Whine to WIPO and get good ol' boy Peter L. Michaelson to take the name from Marchex Sales, Inc., like a hostile takeover, ya know kind of like how you did to iViewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein, and Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox.

I met those Marchex guys at a trade show in Vegas a few years back, have fun with that one assholes.  Don't forget to tell Axel Braun to ACCUSE Marchex and all their investors and peeps of Extortion ( in Conspiracy ) and to be sure and publish that in the WIPO Decision to make it Rock Hard SOLID.

Don't forget to include the conspiracy part, this is key, and then if Marchex files a complaint answer addressing the conspiracy allegation, just have Judge Gloria Navarro throw it out as irrelevant, as she did in Document 89 of Rabid Riddler Randazza Vs. Crazy Crystal Cox. oH and then when Marchex files a counter claim in the Gloria Gotham court of unconstitutional lawlessness, you can file to dismiss it and WaLa, the wicked witch of Clark County Nevada waves a wand (aKa Gavel) and the Riddler of Gotham gets his every dirty deeded wish granted.

Sure can't make a case that is a PARODY, no sireee.. that thar is a COMMERCIAL Site.. I recommend you go with the Lanham Act.. oh you know best. ..

Oh and file a Preliminary Injunction the same day as your complaint, oK? That is my recommendation. This way Judge Gloria Navarro can just give your Butt Buddy, I mean you client, the Domain Name and cut out all that due process and constitutional rights FUSS, of course you will want to careful calculate the BILLABLE Hours, and leak the story to your Internet Mobbing Gang Stalkers to ensure that Marchex acts how you NEED them to.

oK, now, next thing for you Evil Attorneys to do is go to the link below so that you and your not so bright on Domain Names Judge can set up Marchex for Extortion.

ok now make a bid, then tell WIPO that this page offering to sell is EXTORTING the REAL Axel Braun, this should be a good little legal battle for you witless shithead attorneys.

Oh you DO know how to get ahold of Parody Director Axel Braun Right?

.. and you are going to want NPR Bob Garfield, Forbes Kashmir Hill, and David Carr of the New York Times in on this Extortion Conspiracy too, you may even need the Defaming Expertise of Tonkon Torp Lawyer David S. Aman. Unless, of course, Blogger Crystal Cox is the only person in the world that is GUILTY of the CRIME of EXTORTION for buying a domain name and some EVIL Satantic Porn Attorneys convincing the MEDIA, "the Real Media", a WIPO Panelist, a Portland Oregon Judge and a Las Vegas Judge that this is EXTORTION. .. and the RIDDLER claims to be a Domain Name Expert??? Try Domain Name Dumbass.

Anyway.. we Continue .. with the recommended strategy for securing and setting up Marchex for Extortion.

Ok Now take with all those COMMERCIAL Ad Dollars made since 2003, and take the name that is EXTORTION,, (aKa Standard of Practice for Domain Name Industry EXPERTS), and then give all this to Judge Gloria M. Navarro and tell her that it's "Legal Commentary" and Marchex is Extorting Axel Braun. WOW, wonder how much you will get in FORCED Attorney Fee's on that one. (Careful now, Marchex may be a Registrar to, so it may be hard to get an insider to redirect the domain name and put it in the Plaintiff's account, this time, like you did in Randazza V. Cox and Bernstein, even with a hearing order for a Preliminary Junction as you used in that case)

oh.. hey .. just thought of something else for ya Riddler, I have another Crazy Crystal Cox idea, you Evil FUCKS at Rabid Randazza Lying Group Circle Jerk can take the case Pro Boner, I mean Pro Bono, and then you can say, Neener Neener, Ollie Ollie Oxen Free, TRICKED Ya.. oh client of mine, what I meant to say is I want paid.

Then you have Ridiculous Randazza Lying Lipservice Group write up a Moronic Motion that says, hey, I need paid, or I won't want to do Pro Boner work anymore, ya know like in the Righthaven, Michael Leon Case. See the Riddler simply files a Motion to be PAID big bucks, even when he is allegedly Pro Bono, and the Magic Keeper of the Kingdom of Gold, Judge Gloria Navarro Grants the Riddler's every wish.

Rabid Riddler Randazza RUINS Lives with No Remorse, No God, no Light and I Say NOT ON MY WATCH. Threaten Me, taunt me, tease me, harass me, defame me, sue me, lie to me, lie about me and you can even kill me as threatened and GUESS What, I am still telling the TRUTH about YOU. And if I die for it, so be it, at least I won't die a LIAR or a COWARD. And the TRUTH Will Live on.

oH and in Case you did not get the message. 
FUCK you, YOU Evil FUCKS.  
You WILL not Destroy me, 
not even in my Death 
will my LIGHT Fade 
on your DARK, EVIL ASS.

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Love this, the Photo Missing, was probably copyrighted, see it was of the Riddler, oh but it was also of me.. they steal my photo, i post it from their hate sites against me, and WaLa, $100,000 copyright infringement legal action.. WOW..

oh and Riddler, I apologize if this post caused any butthurt, 
If you are experiencing BUTTHURT, please file this report

and then Quickly Apply this Cream to the Affected Area of Butthurt.