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Mar 12, 2013

Hunter Moore Claimed Child Pronography associated with James McGiney, is this allegation valid? Is Marc Randazza Involved? Got a Tip?

and please not that Hunter Moore mentioned an allegation of child pornography - I think there is something to it. In this next article link there's a reference to mcGibney not reporting the child porn 

"Months later, for unclear reasons, Moore started going after McGibney and Bullyville online, claiming that McGibney was a pedophile, had failed to report child porn images, and was guilty of a variety of other charges. 

He also stated, strongly, that he intended to have sex with McGibney's wife. In response, McGibney sued Moore for defamation, represented by Marc Randazza, who has made it something of a personal mission to go after "revenge porn" sites (in case you're unaware, such sites solicit naked photos of people, often from ex-lovers, and then post them online, sometimes with contact info). 

Moore failed to officially respond to the lawsuit, despite being served and apparently making it clear he was aware of the lawsuit on Twitter. In response, the judge ruled in favor of McGibney on default judgment, and also ordered Moore to pay $250,000 in damages, along with legal fees. Of course, getting Moore to actually pay may be difficult, but Randazza has a history of going after the assets of those who refuse to pay out in such cases."

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Marc Randazza Allegedly Connected to Exploiting Children

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox says that Marc Randazza is a bully and has a history of overstepping the LAW to get what he wants, bully witnesses, harass whistle blowers, seek revenge on former clients, and flat out lie to federal judges, as well as DEFAME maliciously and with the use of big media such as NPR, Forbes and the New York Times. 

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox  filed a Las Vegas RICO / Racketeering / Anti-Trust / Harassment / Defamation Complaint against Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group and other alleged co-conspirators.