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Bloggers are Citizens and have First Amendment Rights, PERIOD.

Mar 18, 2013 Stolen by Manwin, with the Help of an Unconstitutional JUDGE. was a site exposing Manwin. was NOT a Trademark Infringement. was an exercise of Free Speech shut down by Manwin. Stop Manwin and Randazza Legal Group from committing Fraud on the Courts and abusing the constitutional rights of whistle blowers. BELONGS to Nicholas Bulgin. belongs to Blogger Crystal Cox.

STOP the Unlawful Rampage of Constitutional STOMPING attorney Marc J. Randazza.

PORN Companies should NOT be above the LAW and JUDGES should NOT ignore our constitutional rights in favor of Porn Companies.

"Posted by Manwin Sucks on Nov 1, 2011

Manwin Facts

Manwin Canada is located at the address They are a company which specializes in pornography websites. They use these websites to post ads which send viewers to other websites they own thus growing their daily viewing numbers.

They try to get more paid members on their paid sites like and by tricking users with sexy ads and videos.

They create user accounts at their free porn websites and upload illegal content found all over the net that they didnt pay for.

They try to use the defense that they dont create these account yet whenever a DCMA is filed, the video is removed.  Then they just create another user account and re-upload the same video and so on."

Source of Blog Post

Manwin makes mega millions from STOLEN Content, Fortress Investment Group seems to back Manwin. Manwin sues a whistle blower and WINS, for copyright. Yet makes millions, seemingly daily from STOLEN, Copyrighted Content.

For more information regarding the battle and a 100 Billion Dollar RICO Racketeering Complaint filed against Manwin, check out these links