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Mar 8, 2013

New Frontier Media, Inc. NOOF Former CEO Mark H. Kreloff ~ Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox Alleges that Mark Kreloff FAILED to Disclose the iViewit Technology Infringement and the Liability to New Frontier Media when he SOLD to Larry Flynt of LFP Broadcasting. Ya, that Larry Flynt, the Infamous Porn Mogul.

 Mark H. Kreloff  ~ Mark Kreloff Research and Information

"New Frontier Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOOF), a leader in the electronic distribution of adult entertainment, announced that at a recent board of directors meeting, Edward Bonn was named President of the Company. Mr. Bonn retains his titles of Chief Executive Officer of Interactive Telecom Network, Inc. and Card Transactions Inc., both wholly owned subsidiaries of New Frontier Media. At the same time, Brad Weber was named Executive Vice President and Treasurer of the Company. Mr. Weber retains his title as President and Chief Operating Officer of Interactive Telecom Network, Inc. and Card Transactions, Inc., both wholly owned subsidiaries of New Frontier Media. Mark Kreloff, former President, retains the offices of Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer for New Frontier Media.

"These recent appointments strengthen our corporate infrastructure," stated Mark H. Kreloff, Chairman and CEO. "Edward and Brad bring a tremendous amount of experience to the team and have already proven invaluable. I expect that they will continue to be instrumental as we execute our business plan. Their vision and leadership is essential to our organization. We welcome both Edward and Brad as corporate officers," concluded Kreloff. "

Source of Above Quote ( Archived News)

So did  Mark H. Kreloff  disclose to LFP Broadcasting, Larry Flynt, regarding the massive liability over infringements on the iViewit Technology? Did  Mark H. Kreloff  KNOW? Oh ya Mark Kreloff knew alright, he was in on the OFFER to iViewit long ago, with Brad Weber.

IF I was Larry Flynt, I Sure would be mad about this and want more Information ( But of course Larry Flynt and New Frontier Media, Inc. go way back to that Supreme Court case of

Kreloff served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New Frontier Media Inc. from September, 1995 to February 2003.

Mark Kreloff former CEO of New Frontier Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOOF), before selling,%20Inc.

"Mark H. Kreloff has been Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Secretary of CrowdFunder Inc. since July 2007 and serves as its Principal Accounting Officer."

"Mr. Kreloff has been actively involved in the cable television industry since 1977. Prior to founding New Frontier Media Inc.,"

"Mr. Kreloff served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New Frontier Media Inc. from September, 1995 to February 2003."

Source of Above Quotes,%20Inc.

Mark H. Kreloff knows the his digital media product. Mark H. Kreloff was the founder of New Frontier Media Inc.. Mark H. Kreloff and Bradley Weber offered Eliot Bernstein CASH for iViewit about a decade ago. iViewit, Eliot Bernstein Refused. So Mark H. Kreloff and Bradley Weber, used the technology anyway and NEVER disclosed to shareholders.

Mark H. Kreloff, Former Chairman and CEO of New Frontier Media Inc. KNEW that New Frontier Media Inc. had a massive liability over iViewit and that iViewit was valuable, and was a real technology that he wanted New Frontier Media Inc. and Mark H. Kreloff, himself to own, yet
Mark H. Kreloff did not disclose this liability? Is that Shareholder Fraud? Is that fraud in selling a business?

"no "material adverse change" affect New Frontier" - Well NOT disclosing iViewit is Certainly Adverse I would say, IN MY OPINION.

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