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Mar 8, 2013

Randazza Legal Group Knows they are Named Defendants in a Lawsuit that sure seems pretty clear on Defamation, Malpractice, Harassment, and Conspiracy to Me. But Then Again I am the Plaintiff, aKa the Real Victim.

Yet Randazza Legal Group is too Cowardly to simply accept Service, without all the hoops and mumbo jumbo. Ya KNOW like Brave Courageous TRUTH TELLERS Like Me Do. 

See these above the Law Attorneys running rampant without rules that apply to YOU, they will at some point accept service and then they will counter sue, and they will file a motion to dismiss every word I say. They will lie in federal documents, as they seem to have a license to do. And all will be well in the world of the protected, above the law, Elite Law Firm of Rabid Riddler Randazza Lying Legal Group.

Bully's, Hypocrites, Liars, Thugs, who abuse the court system on your dime in order to get their way, and to silence those who expose them.

They may get me "Dismissed", Stomped On, Removed, Stricken and painted in SERIOUS False Light, however, someday, somehow, the TRUTH will BOLDLY roll out and THEY will BE Exposed by Someone, Somewhere, and accountable for their EVIL, illegal, unconstitutional deeds.