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Apr 13, 2013

Folks NEVER Forget that Lightsquared was ran out, and you would have cheaper wireless and phone service. Verizon, Clearwire, Deere and Company and others set up Philip Falcone, the way I see it and they are protected to created a monopoly that makes us have to pay massive sized phone bills. Spectrum is air, it is not right for Politicians like Senator Grassley to run out the companies that want to bring us better cheaper, "cleaner" per say, internet and cell service.

"U.S. spectrum sale must spur wireless competition - Justice Department"

"Smaller wireless carriers should be able to get a fair share of spectrum in the forthcoming U.S. auction to ensure the market is competitive, the Justice Department told the Federal Communications Commission in a filing made public on Friday.

The filing underlines the high value of the low-frequency spectrum that will be auctioned off, and delivers a blow to the two largest U.S. providers, Verizon Communications Inc (VZ.N) and AT&T Inc (T.N), in their efforts to acquire those airwaves.

"The Department concludes that rules that ensure the smaller nationwide networks, which currently lack substantial low-frequency spectrum, have an opportunity to acquire such spectrum could improve the competitive dynamic among nationwide carriers and benefit consumers," the Justice Department said."

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Verizon Communications Inc (VZ.N) and AT&T Inc. (also connected to Craig McCaw of Clearwire, conspired to STOP Philip Falcone and Lightsquared and therefore, we, the end use have to put up with the monopoly of EVIL Verizon and ATT.

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The Cell Tower is BAD for Us, yet forced on us by these companies. the "Cube" was invented long ago and would make cell tower use obsolete, yet old money Zillionaires have money in cell towers so they stay.

Lightsquared SHOULD be available to all by now, instead, the powers that be harassed and set up Philip Falcone. And now you pay DOUBLE.