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May 6, 2013

AMCOL Investor Relations, AMCOL International Corporation, and who makes the BIG Money from allegedly spewing TOXINS into the water and air of Port Townsend Washington.

AMCOL International Corporation

AMCOL Investor Relations

Founded in 1927, AMCOL International Corporation is a leading producer and marketer of diverse specialty materials with a core expertise in minerals and polymer science.

Through four business segments: Performance Materials, Construction Technologies, Energy Services, and Transportation, AMCOL creates solutions that enhance the quality, efficiency and sustainability of our customers’ products and services in a growing global marketplace.

Holding more than 375 worldwide patents, our focus on research and development empowers us to be industry leaders.

Technical expertise coupled with unparalleled customer relationships, supported by more than 2,800 employees in over 26 countries makes us trusted partners in major end markets. Headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, AMCOL International Corporation is a publicly owned company traded under the symbol ACO (NYSE)."


AMCOL International Corporation patent information, Stocks, and all manner of AMCOL International Corporation information coming soon.

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AMCOL International Corporation

"Port Townsend Paper Corp., owned by Port Townsend Holdings, is operated by GoldenTree Asset Management, a New York-based equity investment company."

SEC Filings

Corporate Governance

More Information regarding Port Townsend Paper Corp., Amcol and more... 

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