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May 15, 2013

"Judge Harper takes office" "Harper won the four-year term with a November 2011 election victory over Peggy Ann Bierbaum. Judge Harper started work Jan. 14"

Seriously??  Judge Harper SAYS, "“I particularly want to be involved with young people.” 

You have got to be kidding. Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox says, what a Line of BULL that is. This man is EVIL when it comes to the "young people".

Judge Keith Harper ignores threats to children, gives rights to non-blood family for no lawful reason, ignores convicted rapists having access to victims, and rules in an extremely disrespectful and misogynistic manner.

Judge Keith Harper chooses who he "likes better" and deems more "credible" vs. actually ruling in a manner that applies to LAW and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Judge Keith Harper is NOT for the rights nor the best interest of the "young people". Judge Keith Harper is the whipping boy to Attorney Peggy Bierbaum and the "young people" are the collateral damage to this "cozy" connection, conflicts of interest in my opinion.

"It was standing room only Jan. 11 for the swearing in ceremony of Keith Harper as the fourth Superior Court judge in Jefferson County history.

Harper won the four-year term with a November 2011 election victory over Peggy Ann Bierbaum. Judge Harper started work Jan. 14.

“My goal is to make the Superior Court here the best it can possibly be and be a team player with the rest of the county departments,” Harper said, emphasizing, “It’s very important that people feel what’s going on is fair at all times.”

Harper follows Craddock Verser, who was appointed to the office in March 2004 following the death of Thomas Majhan. Verser won two elections, and initially reported that he would seek a third full term, but changed his mind less then a week later after fully considering his health complications from pancreatic cancer diagnosed in 2011.

“When I realized I could no longer serve, [Keith Harper] immediately came to mind and I asked him if he would run and I would back him,” Verser told the audience at the Jan. 11 ceremony.

Harper was the City of Port Townsend attorney when Verser moved here in 1986, and Verser said he quickly learned that “he is a man of integrity which is extremely important when dealing with a lawyer in a small town."

 Welcome, Judge Harper

Harper offered a long list of thank-you's, from his 2012 election opponents Bierbaum and Mike Haas, for running "positive and competitive" campaigns to his campaign managers, Bickie and Gary Steffan. He talked about lawyers who had helped shape his career, and expressed love for his wife of 33 and a half years, Jeinell, son Nick and daughter Melissa.

“Everything I’ve ever done in my life, my family and my extended family have always been very supportive of me,” Harper said. “I appreciate them very, very much.”

Harper's son, Sen. Nick Harper, D-Everett, spoke about his father.

“A father is [very] similar to a judge, I guess,” Nick Harper said. “And we couldn’t have been more fortunate to have that guidance throughout our childhood.”

Looking ahead

After being sworn in and donning his judge’s robe, Judge Harper named his three court commissioners to cover certain courts and fill in when he is out of county or has a conflict of interest.
“It goes without saying, all of these people are very intelligent,” Harper said.

The three new commissioners are Stephen Gillard, Richard Shaneyfelt and Harry Holloway III. Harper previously served as one of Verser’s three court commissioners, with Noah Harrison and Bierbaum.

Harper plans to be active in the county’s specialty courts, including drug court and juvenile court.

“I’m going to try to use the commissioners as little as possible,” he said. “I particularly want to be involved with young people.”

At the close of his remarks, Harper had some words of thanks and support for Verser, whose cancer treatments are ongoing.

“I wouldn’t be standing here now at the podium if it wasn’t for Crad Verser,” he said. “My family – all of our hopes and prayers – are with you.”