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May 26, 2013

Marc J. Randazza, Attorney Randazza Legal Group LIES to the Courts, Bully's Defendants, Abuses his Power and is Above the Law.

Marc J. Randazza stole massive domain names from Blogger Crystal Cox and Inventor Eliot Bernstein and Marc Randazza is ABOVE THE LAW. Marc Randazza has no Trademark, but tells the court and WIPO he does and then the Courts and WIPO, and Lying attorney WIPO Panelist Peter L. Michaelson New York Attorney simply does whatever Marc Randazza tells him to.

"A non-final Office action has been sent (issued) to the applicant. This is a letter from the examining attorney requiring additional information and/or making an initial refusal. The applicant must respond to this Office action. To view all documents in this file, click on the Trademark Document Retrieval link at the top of this page. November 20th, 2012"

LIAR Liar Pants on FIRE, yet the Judges, the Courts LOVE Marc J. Randazza, YOU will Be his NEXT Victim and remember the Constitution and Laws of the United States only apply to who Marc Randazza SAYS they do. And the JUDGES well they do as Marc J. Randazza says whether it is lawful or constitutional or not.

Hypocritical, Lying Asshole that RUINS lives and RUNS the Courts.

that would be Marc J. Randazza, Attorney Randazza Legal Group