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May 2, 2013

Port Townsend Paper Mill Blog by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox

This Blog is NOT intended to reach out for Public Support. 

This BLOG is to collect data, information and resources in order to investigate by BLOG, as to  the Port Townsend Paper Mill obeying the Law, the Constitutional rights of Port Townsend Residents, the Clean Water Act (33 U.S.C. §1251), Federal Water Pollution Control Act, WATER POLLUTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL (33 U.S.C. § 125), Forest Service Laws, Watershed Laws, Marine Life Laws, SEC Laws, Environmental Laws, Marine Sanitation Laws (33 U.S.C. 1322), Washington State Laws, the Washington Constitution, the U.S. Constitution,
and all the laws, codes and rights that apply to the alleged toxic water and air coming out of the Port Townsend Paper Mill.

If you want to apply to be a blog author on this blog or any of the blogs of Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, email me at 

Port Townsend Paper Mill Blog by Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox is not a Public Brawl, and not to simply vent an opinion or rant. This blog is intended to dig deep into the issue and discover if ANY laws or Federal codes are being broke by the Port Townsend Paper Mill, knowingly or unknowingly, in ANY way whatsoever.

Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox is not investigating this topic by blog to gain friends. It is about the TRUTH, and finding it to the best of my ability. No matter what that TRUTH may be.

This Port Townsend Paper Mill Blog is about exposing those violating the LAW. No One is above the law. Not even  the Port Townsend Paper Corporation.

It is not a matter of, if Port Townsend needs the jobs or not, that is not the issue. 

Port Townsend Washington may need the jobs to "survive" according to some, however, in order to thrive and truly survive one needs clean air and clean water FIRST.

In 2013 there are lots of OTHER ways to make a living besides knowingly, daily working at a job that is poisoning those you love, and the community you live in, if this is the case. This blog is about finding that information out, by digging into decades of data, reports, comments, stories, tips and information.

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill dumping toxic water into the Port Townsend Bay?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill BELLOWING toxins daily into the air that Port Townsend Washington resident breath or not? It should be something that is factual or not factual.

Is it True or is it False, this Blog is to FIND Out.

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill putting out toxins, and if so is this acceptable at any level? If there are Toxins, what laws apply, what cause of action can one take to stop the toxins from being put into the air and the water?

If the Port Townsend Paper Mill is violating any laws, then all past and present CEO's, Managers, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Executive Chairman are certainly liable professionally and personally right, by law? And if they knew they were violating laws then this is an issue for the federal criminal authorities right?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill putting toxic sludge into the ground water, the soil, and are the fumes that are rising from this sludge toxic?  Is the water poisonous, toxic? Are any KNOWN carcinogens put into the water by the Port Townsend Paper Mill sludge, and if so is any level really acceptable? lawful?

Where does the Sludge Go? Whose liability does it Become? 
Whose Health Does it Affect.

Is it TRUE that the Port Townsend Paper Mill does not have to report the toxin levels of the SLUDGE they create from their kraft process, and that the "END USER" has to report this? If so then the SLUDGE that is used for fill soil or other purposes is liable to be reported on the end that uses it. This SLUDGE could end up in Organic Farms, Playgrounds or who knows where and it is alleged that the Port Townsend Paper Mill has no liability and no duty to disclose the toxin levels that they produced, simply because they shipped it elsewhere. Is this TRUE or some sort of  Port Townsend Paper Mill urban myth.

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill a candidate for a super fund site? Why would residents of Port Townsend Washington knowingly allow this industry to keep putting out toxins into the soil, water and air knowing that one day it could be a super fund site?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill putting out 500 lbs of oil and grease daily?
 IS this Acceptable levels by law?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill putting out 1,000 lbs. ammonia daily? IS this Acceptable levels by law?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill putting out 53,337 lbs. sulphates daily ? IS this Acceptable levels by law?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill putting out 10,314 lbs magnesium daily ? IS this Acceptable levels by law?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill putting an unlawful amount of toxins into the Air?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill putting an unlawful amount of toxins into the Soil?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill putting an unlawful amount of toxins into the Water?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill in Federal and State Compliance for REAL, or is someone paid off somewhere?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill reporting accurately on any aquifer testing ?

Is the Port Townsend Paper Mill Environmental Director acting withing the law on all issues?

Was there EVER falsified reports of Toxicity in the history of the Port Townsend Paper Mill ?

This Port Townsend Paper Mill Blog is intended to uncover information, to find out the FACTS, and from those facts investigated, determine if it is believed that any Federal Laws, Constitutional Laws, or Washington Laws are being violated. And if the laws are being violated, then the next step is complaints to the U.S. Attorney General, the EPA, the Washington Attorney General, the Department of Ecology, the U.S Forest Service Qulicene Watershed, and the Department of Justice.

If the Port Townsend Paper Corporation has violated any state, federal or constitutional laws, then as a resident of Port Townsend Washington, Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox will file legal action with the cause of actions thought to be violated and proceed to a trial to prove those findings, and DEMAND financial relief in regard to all allowed by law. 

This is NOT a matter of public opinion, the PUBLIC has already spoken in the enactment of the laws that apply to the Port Townsend Paper Corporation, the Quilcene River, the Port Townsend Bay, Clean Water Laws, Clean Air Laws, Constitutional Rights, Federal Laws, Washington State Laws.

Those laws must be enforced by authorities and if they are not known to be in violation then Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox will let those authorities know of these violations. 

It is the lawful and constitutional right of every citizen to have clean air, clean water, clean soil and if there is a violation of law, U.S Codes, Constitutional Rights by the Port Townsend Paper Corporation, then each citizen has a right BY LAW, to financial relief for the damages caused to them, their rights, property, business and quality of life by the knowing or unknowing action of  the Port Townsend Paper Mill and it's executives, personally and professionally.

If the PUBLIC wants the laws changed, then they must petition governing bodies and change the laws. It is not ethical, moral nor lawful to simply attack, berate, and retaliate against those asking that the laws that voters voted to be law are actually enforced, as a matter of LAW.

This is not an issue of environmentalist or not, it is a matter of law, constitutional rights, and it is NOT a matter of a public brawl on a debate of which good ol' boy industry should be allowed to poison us and which should not, based on the status quo. Nor is it about attacking or defaming the Port Townsend Paper Corporation, or their executives. If the Port Townsend Paper Corporation has been give a false, bad and defaming rap, well the facts will turn this up too.

Either the Port Townsend Paper Corporation is poisoning the citizens of Port Townsend Washington or Not. Plain and Simple.

Either the Port Townsend Paper Corporation is in violation of state, constitutional and federal LAW or not.

This blog is not about gaining support to shut down the mill nor to gain support to negotiate with the Port Townsend Paper Corporation - Port Townsend Paper Mill, this Port Townsend Paper Mill Blog is intended to figure out what laws apply, what permits were given by who, what laws and codes apply, what toxins, if any, are really going into the Port Townsend Bay, Port Townsend Drinking Water, and the Port Townsend Air, and to take action or not from that point of discovery.

This Port Townsend Paper Mill Blog is written upon the knowledge and belief 
of Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

I, Crystal L. Cox, personally do not care if I gain support or not, in this matter. I am about the health and welfare of Goddess Mother Earth and the residents upon her. I am for Clean Air, Clean Water, and the public's right, my right to breath non-toxic air and drink non-toxic water and I am prepared to SUE anyone interfering with that as a matter of law, US Codes and constitutional rights, whether I stand alone or with an army.

It only takes ONE Person to File Legal Action, and Well, I, for one, am Not Afraid of a Court Room Scuffle / a Legal Battle to Fight for the Right to NOT breath ammonia in my air, or to NOT have violations of law and political favoritism that in any way endanger the community I have come to love.

This blog is not about creating some fight, or public debate with the locals, the mill workers or their families, or the community at large. Once the truth is actually found it is not up for debate, if the facts are found, then they are facts and the action will move from those facts. AND not from a public brawl to protect a 30 year way of life that is toxic to those who live in it. 

AGAIN, it is not about being an Environmentalist or a Logger, or any dividing lines, it is about us all needing and deserving clean air, clean soil and clean water.

Those who can use their VOICE boldly, fearlessly, must speak for those who cannot and for the sea life, wild life, the children and critters that also need this, and cannot speak for themselves in this system of how the world works. 

Those of us who can stand up and say Not on our Watch, MUST do so, as a matter of moral, ethical and spiritual duty to Mother Earth, her people and animals. It is simply what a Spiritual Warrior must do as a calling, and not to simply create scandal and chaos, but to actually incite change and expose TRUTH, in effort to make the world a better place for each of us and raise the consciousness as a whole.  

I was raised on the proverbial timber dollars. I have a degree in Forestry and had my own Forest Technician business at one point in my life, I Get It. 

I am not a liberal, not a conservative. I am not on the left or the right. I am about the Truth, NOT the LIE, and investigations that turn up the truth as a matter of fact and law; No matter who it offends, right or left, rich or poor. Clean Air, Soil and Water is a resident of Earth issue that every citizen has a right to and is not a political issue nor a big corporation right to infringe upon.

If there have been violations of law then all who violated this law are liable to all whose lives, property, constitutional rights, and business they affected.

If it turns out the Port Townsend Paper Corporation's President's dog knew that a crime was being committing and people were put in danger well then I will name that dog in criminal complaints and legal action too, KIDDING of course, but you get the point. NO one is above the LAW.

It only takes ONE to Take Action and Expose the Wrong 

Love Me, Hate Me, NEITHER makes a difference to what is right and what is WRONG and I will continue to post information to attempt to undercover the TRUE Facts. Should I find those facts, I will personally file legal action ALONE or with anyone who stands with me in this action.

I shall hold no public meetings, seek no support, and I will post the facts I find or that are sent to me the best I can to the best of my ability. Once I have enough information on this issue, I will file complaints and legal action alone or with other supporters should they turn up.

Should anyone reading my blog posts regarding the Port Townsend Paper Mill

want to sue me, I will accept service via email, PROUDLY !!

Just Remember I BITE Back, so .. If you have ANY Skeletons in your Closet, You May want to run them off BEFORE you SUE the infamous Unhinged Blogger, Crazy Crystal Cox.

in Love and Light

Crystal L. Cox
Altruistic Investigative Blogger
Spiritual Warrior 

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