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Blogs are the ONLY truly Independent Media in our "time".

Bloggers are Citizens and have First Amendment Rights, PERIOD.

Jun 12, 2013

No Matter How Many LIES Randazza Legal Group Tells the Courts, Judges and the PUBLIC at Large, it does NOT Change the Facts.

One Day Randazza Legal Group and their Lying, Bullying Ring Leader Marc J. Randazza WILL BE Exposed. Somewhere, somehow, the TRUTH will come out and some JUDGE somewhere will call them out. For now, Marc J. Randazza AND Randazza Legal Group RULE the Courts, and are the Gate Keeper of who the First Amendment Applies to and WHO it DOES NOT.

Marc J. Randazza AND Randazza Legal Group DECIDE who gets to own domain names, who can criticize Marc J. Randazza AND Randazza Legal Group AND who is above the Law.

Marc J. Randazza AND Randazza Legal Group have the power to take YOUR Intellectual Property, wipe out your blogs and online content, and SILENCE YOU without the First Amendment even being a Factor.  YOU will be NEXT. Marc J. Randazza AND Randazza Legal Group CONTROL the Courts and the LEGAL BLOGSPHERE.