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Jun 3, 2013

Ronald D. Green of Randazza Legal Group is a BALL-LESS, Spineless, Whiny Baby ADDICTED TO LYING

.. hope your CLIENT, aKa your BOSS appreciates you ACTING So Tough and Blowing SMOKE for Him. Either Way, the TRUTH Remains to BE THE TRUTH. And you remain to be a whipping boy for Marc Randazza and his Porn Moguls. But, I have heard you like it like that So, WIN WIN, Right Ronald DICKHEAD Green.

Grow a SET and Come Play with me on the DOCKETS. You know your CLIENT, I mean your Master, I mean your BOSS, is GUILTY but hey whatever floats your boat, trips your trigger or whatever it is that makes it worth it to continue lying and risking your career and freedom to flat out LIE for your MASTER, Riddler Randazza aKa Hypocritical, EVIL, Lying ASSHOLE.