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Jun 28, 2013

Years later and still Bill Lenhard is scamming people out of MILLIONS. William Lenhard is a FRAUD, William Lenhard is a Scam Artist. The Lamar Ellis 6 Billion Tax Credits is NOT Real and Bill Lenhard has been using this Scam for Years. Bill Lenhard has a Trail of Victims. DO NOT Trust Bill Lenhard aKa Zephyr West, BLUEZEPHYR, INC., WILLIAM R. LENHARD, zephyrwest, Blue Zephyr, ZWGlobal.

Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox's Archived Blog Regarding the SCAMS and Fraud of the 2B Foundation aKa Elder Life Care Foundation aKa Zephyr West, BLUEZEPHYR, INC., WILLIAM R. LENHARD, zephyrwest, Blue Zephyr, ZWGlobal, ZW GLOBAL, INC.

Charles Achane, president of the Southwest Louisiana Business Development Centre
Lamar Ellis Tax Credits are NOT Real. Bill Lenhard has been using this SCAM to RUIN Lives and
still money for years.  DO NOT TRUST William Lenhard.

Lot's More Coming Soon, Years worth of Documents, Fraud, Scams ran by Bill Lenhard, oh and Look for your Money in the Philippines or Switzerland.

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Bluezephyr, Inc., a Nevada close corporation, William R. Lenhard, II and ZW Global, Inc. a Nevada corporation

All Documents and Information Obtained by Crystal L. Cox, Investigative Blogger over Years of working with and knowing those inside of the Elder Life Care Foundation, William Lenhard, ZW GLOBAL, INC.; Coming Soon