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Jul 4, 2013

"Lawless America is set to film the pilot episode for a proposed new television series in Missoula. Bill Windsor, Producer/Director/Host of the new television series, Lawless America, has announced that the dates have been finalized for the filming in Missoula. "

"Filming will begin on July 24 and end on July 31.
Filming will be done at many locations in Missoula and in the towns of Stevensville, Hamilton, and Eureka.  Specific locations will be posted on each day.

The show is an expose about Sean Boushie, a University of Montana teacher, who may be a professional cyberstalker.  Complete details are at – a chronological history of the stalking, harassment, obscenities, and death threats.

Students and faculty will be shown emails and posts and will be asked to comment on them. Questions will be asked about cyberstalking and online bullying in general and this case in particular. Students will be shown what we believe are death threats from Sean Boushie the teacher to the TV show host, and they will be asked their opinion and whether it worries them to have Sean Boushie as a teacher on campus with them.
University of Montana President Royce Engstrom has been asked for an interview, and the cameras will visit all local law enforcement offices, Bernie Cassidy, the University of Montana security office, and a number of other people and locations in  Missoula, Stevensville, Hamilton, and Eureka.

Lawless America is a documentary film exposing corruption that began filming last June.  The producer/director was approached about doing a weekly television show, and this expose will be the pilot episode for the proposed TV series.

You’ll know the show host, Bill Windsor, when you see him; he’ll be the white-haired guy with a white beard wearing a bulletproof vest.  Also look for the Lawless America Jeep, and the film crew will usually be nearby.

Anyone with information about Sean Boushie or cyberstalking and online bullying should contact Bill Windsor at

We hope many students will join us for the filming of this TV special.

Bill Windsor believes Sean Boushie has threatened to kill him several times, so this may be an exciting time in Missoula.  Everyone should come out to see if Bill Windsor is murdered during the filming.

For more information, contact Bill Windsor and Lawless America at — 770-578-1094"