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Jul 9, 2013

Loretta Preska REFUSED to Recluse herself in the Jeremy Hammond Case. It is ILLEGAL for a FEDERAL Judge to RULE on a Motion to RECLUSE them self. Judge Loretta Preska is the KINGPIN for holding up the Wall of Corruption in New York and with the FULL Support of Ex-Supreme Court Judge Judith Kaye.

Loretta Preska has massive conflicts of interest in the case against Jeremy Hammond.

Judge Loretta Preska SHOULD not be ALLOWED, by LAW to RULE on matters of her own Reclusal.

Many Judges DO actually decide the RULING before they HEAR the arguments, such as Judge Marco Hernandez in Oregon did in Obsidian v. Cox and Judge Loretta Preska seems to have a habit of RULING on cases without hearing, reading or researching the facts as she recently did in Blogger Crystal L. Cox v. David Carr and the New York Times.

CORRUPT Judges such as Judge Loretta Preska AND Judge Marco Hernandez RULE the Courts, RULE the country and favor the CORRUPT.


A Federal Judge SHOULD Not RULE on their Own Reclusal.

A Federal JUDGE should sign and affirm or deny whether they have a Conflict of Interest.

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Code of Judicial Conduct

Right to Free Counsel