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Sep 8, 2014

Now is Time to Bring the Goddess Back into your Daily Life, every Single Day, ALL Day. Reverend Crystal Cox, Bringing Back Goddess Church Port Townsend Washington.

 It is TIME to Bring Back the Goddess. REJOICE. Take Action.

You are craving to understand a higher power within yourself. You are craving deep spiritual connection. You want your day to be sacred in every way and to actually have fun, be content and be at PEACE.

You want to be proactive in helping raise the consciousness, raise the vibration.

Working with the Goddesses, with Mother Goddess EVERY SINGLE DAY in all aspects of your life and spiritual work is key to end your insatiable longing for more in your human life.

Praying to Mother Goddess, asking the Goddesses to help you, exercising your Free Will and telling Goddess what you want your life to be and to show you clearly how to create it, this is within your reach, this is a reality that you can live, if you Set Your Intention and CHOOSE.

You want to help more, feel more, do more, be more. You want to be content, have abundance, be safe and to understand your purpose here. Ask Goddess to help you, to advise you, to give you clear signs. 

Pray to Mother Goddess, open to the power of the Goddess in your Every day.  Right Now Pray to Mother God (Goddess).

You want meaning and maybe even some fun and joy. Bringing the Goddess Back into your Life is the Key to this. RIGHT NOW Today and Every Single Day in every Single aspect of your life.

Bring Back the Goddess into your Every Day Life.

Church of Mother Goddess

Bringing Back Goddess Church

Port Townsend Washington

Head Pastor, Reverend Crystal Cox