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Dec 15, 2014

SPIRITUAL STATEMENTS - WHAT I BELIEVE by Reverend Steven Cox - Voice of Golden Eagle for those who seek to explore the realities of Spiritual Experience and their relationship to it.


This document is intended for those who seek to explore the realities of Spiritual Experience and
their relationship to it.  It is a growing testament that continually expands as words struggle to
describe the illuminations contained within.


In the spirit of communicating that which has been shown to me, I offer these writings as an
explanation of certain Spiritual Truths which seem to have been hidden "in plain view" from most
people. I do not present these Truths as items open for debate, this is simply how things look
and feel to my Spirit from where I am sitting.

If certain things you read here sound familiar, it is because these Truths are being reflected all around us if we just use our eyes and ears. I do not pretend to be the creator of these Truths, just an observer who has jotted down a few things.

I realize that I may even be placing my physical self in possible danger by revealing these Truths
in this fashion, for they contain keys that would free mankind from the chains of his brother and,
if followed universally, would make the spiritual herding of people like sheep an impossibility.

There are many in this world who have a vested interest in making sure this never happens.

To quote one of my favorite philosophical comedians:

“The world is like a ride at an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think that
it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and ‘round
and ‘round. It has thrills and chills, and it's very brightly colored, and it's very loud and it's fun,
for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time, and they begin to question - is
this real, or is this just a ride?

And other people have remembered, and they come back to us.

They say 'Hey! Don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride.' And we... Kill those people. Ha ha ha. 'Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride. SHUT HIM UP! Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my big bank account and family.

This just has to be real!'

“No, it's just a ride. But we always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice
that? And let the demons run amok. But it doesn't matter because: it's just a ride. And we can
change it anytime we want. It's only a choice.

No effort, no work, no job, no savings, and money.

A choice, right now, between fear and love. 

The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, close yourselves off. The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one.

Here's what you can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defense each year, and instead spend it feeding, clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, for ever, in peace.”

- Bill Hicks



As the Elders have told us, a blind man can be the best guide through the forest on a moonless
night, but only until the Dawning. 

In a similar manner, a spirit who is enLIGHTened is not in need of additional spiritual guidance from any intermediary, be it a preacher or a static text. That includes this text, of course.

With this understanding, let us move on.


Grandfather (God) is the All That Is. Grandfather Begat the initial forces of the Universe. His will
created the "Original Cause" from which all other effects have sprung.

This initial force brought into life the two balancing polarities of the universe as we know it. A primary duality consisting of Creator and Destroyer.

The true Yin and Yang. All life is a dance between these two poles. Every action in the Universe serves one or both of these ends. There is no escaping it. There is nothing to escape.

For me, there has emerged a central concept upon which all other Spiritual Truths are based:

When Creator made the Universe, what did he use? My supposition is that, if this is TRULY the
"One God" we are discussing, there was nothing else to use but He, Himself. Creator is the
source of ALL things material and spiritual therefore He comprises the totality of all things.

This means that not only is Creator "in" all things, but all sense of separation is an illusion. There is
nothing in this Universe separate from Creator because all things are made of Creator, by
Creator, for Creator. He is the Dust from which all things are formed.

As a way of understanding this “All Is One” concept in terms that we can more easily relate to,
imagine that you have a vivid dream tonight. In this dream we are sitting at a table and we are
talking. My question for you is “which one is me?” The only true answer is that the question has
no meaning. Neither person in that dream is me for everything is you. It is after all your dream!
In a likewise fashion, we are living Creator’s deeper dream.

The mind of any spiritual seeker thinking along these lines eventually comes to the question; but
WHY did Grandfather make the Universe? In the spirit of being created "in God's image" I
ponder the question from my own limited point of view. I ask myself, if I were the Alpha and the
Omega, the beginning and the end and all things in between, WHAT WOULD BE MY BIGGEST
PROBLEM? The answer came to me as if from the core of my heart in the form of one word...
Loneliness. God, in His totality, is alone.



Language is very unsatisfactory for explaining spiritual concepts, but it's the best resource we've
got to reach those lacking direct spiritual experience.

As a wise man once said, "it's like trying to describe an Oak grove to an Eskimo who has never seen a tree." No matter how much you explain, they just won't "get it" because their minds lack the direct experience that makes the words truly have meaning. With these limitations in mind, let's play some word games that "talk around" some otherwise wordless spiritual concepts.

Picture in your mind Creator as a huge multidimensional spirit crystal. An infinite gem with an
infinity of facets that make up the All That Is. Now picture that crystal creating the Universe by
imploding into an infinite number of huge shards, each expressing many facets of the total God
Gem. These "pieces of Creator" fly outward from the Center, until each creates and occupies its
own portion of the material Universe.

Once complete in the creation of their portion of the material Universe, these huge crystal
fragments further subdivide into individual Spirits, each carrying on the business of Creation
within their own smaller spheres.

One becomes you... One becomes me... One becomes a dog, - 3 - another a tree. Each Crystal Spirit is Creator Himself now nestled in the illusion of separateness.

Now able, for the first time, to behold Himself. Now able to play a Universal game of hide and
seek with infinity on the time clock.

The huge crystal that made/makes our portion of the Universe... The Gem from which we all
spring... Is called Jesus by some.

This is the source behind the Spiritual Truth that the only way to find your way back to Creator is through Jesus... There is a piece missing from Jesus that fits your exact spiritual dimensions because it is from whence you came. By melding with the crystal that is your source you again become part of the greater whole. That is your destiny.

Again, this story in no way implies that the nature of God is “crystal”. It is just a way of
describing the wordless in words.


We have been fed many lies in the guise of truth and revelation. All major living religions started
with Great Spiritual Truths but they have had their core tainted and distorted by those who would
manipulate and control us while we are here in the material world. There is a Dark Age upon the
current Spirituality of man, and it is an intentional one.

In place of true Spirituality, we have been given religion. In place of meaningful rituals and rites of passage, we are taught consumer habits and obsessions. In place of Universal Love, we are given fear of an angry and judgmental God.

The central purpose today behind all major religions is to twist the psyche of the believers into
trusting the religion instead of their own hearts.

"But a short time elapsed after the death of the great reformer of the Jewish religion, before his
principles were departed from by those who professed to be his special servants, and perverted
into an engine for enslaving mankind, and aggrandizing their oppressors in Church and State."
- Thomas Jefferson

“The most preposterous notion that H. sapiens has ever dreamed up is that the Lord God of
Creation, Shaper and Ruler of all the Universes, wants the saccharine adoration of His creatures,
can be swayed by their prayers, and becomes petulant if He does not receive this flattery. yet
this absurd fantasy, without a shred of evidence to bolster it, pays all the expenses of the oldest,
largest, and least productive industry in all history.”
- Robert Anson Heinlein


As I was raised in a Christian Society (called by some the Buckle of the Bible Belt), exposed to
the teachings of the Episcopal and Southern Baptist denominations.

I have spent the largest portion of my reflections on religion with these early teachings as my guide and reference. Accordingly, I have reached several heartfelt conclusions regarding many core teachings of Fundamentalist Christianity:

● I reject the notion that we are by nature unworthy of God. How can that possibly be when we
are made of God!? Accordingly, I also reject the notion of Original Sin. My heart tells me that
these two concepts are interwoven, created by man in order to insert intermediaries between
each person and his personal Channel to God.

● I reject the notion of God requiring the "sacrifice" of Jesus for our salvation.

Why would God need to sacrifice Himself to Himself in order to change a rule He made Himself? I feel that this is simply a ploy inserted into the scriptures to serve two ends.

(1) It neatly ties up the insertion of the concept of Original Sin, giving the priesthood the power of declaring who is saved and (2) it absolves man of facing perhaps his most troubling aspect, namely that when the Realized Son Of God walked this Earth, men had the audacity to kill Him instead of listening to Him.

As I have stated in the Crystal Spirit Story, I believe that we are all literally a part of Jesus and
that our never ending journey to re-join with the Core of Creator requires that we “re-meld with
Jesus” along the way.

This was true before Jesus visited this place, true while he was here on Earth, and it is just as true today. Nothing in this beautiful Truth requires the blood of anything, especially the Creator Son!

● I reject the notion that Creator requires worship and sacrifice. Grandfather requires no
cheering section of happy toadies with harps, nor does He require the smoke of burnt offerings
to placate some holy blood lust.

On the contrary, Creator has made a very wonderful opportunity for us to join Him in this business of Creation. And join Him we do, with every thought and action, regardless of our personal unawareness of the process. That ignorance is where things often go awry.

"I cannot conceive otherwise than that He, the Infinite Father, expects or requires no worship or
praise from us, but that He is even infinitely above it."
- Benjamin Franklin from "Articles of Belief and Acts of Religion", Nov. 20, 1728

●  I reject the notion that Creator has “Chosen People” and view with contempt the concept of
God backing any particular country over another.

● I reject the notion that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” has any provision for governments to overrule it.
"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been
given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice.

This disgrace to civilization should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, senseless brutality, deplorable love-of-country stance, how violently I hate all this, how despiseable an ignoreable war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action! It is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder."
- Albert Einstein

● I reject the notion that God created us to judge us. 

He created us to experience this place as a point from which to embark on the infinite Universal Adventure of re-joining with Him. He created us for Companionship.

● I reject the notion of specific “Holy Ground.” ALL ground is Holy Ground. In the same vein, I
reject the notion of physical resurrection of the body after death. When you are through with
your physical body, your Spirit transcends it and has no further need for it.

There is no reason to venerate the graves of the departed except when it is a symbolic veneration of their memory. This misunderstanding of the Spirit’s relationship to the physical body has created much unnecessary bloodshed in the name of “protecting Holy Ground.”

● I reject the prophesies of the book of Revelation as the vengeful dreams of a downtrodden
disciple but, at the same time I fear them. My fear springs from the certain knowledge that all it
takes is enough people believing this horrible nightmare to make the Earthly aspects of it come
true. - 5 -

● I reject the notion that “God is only good.” There can be nothing in this Universe that is not of
the Creator and that includes all shades of experience, all possibilities of being.

At the same time I believe in “vibrational states” in the sense that the higher vibrations of love, compassion, peace draw one closer to Creator and the lower vibrations of hate, lust, rage, repel you farther away.

This is the core Truth behind what has been often misinterpreted to state “God cannot face sin.”


I question even the concept of a Devil incarnate. If Satan does exist as a separate being, he too
is a facet of Grandfather. Eastern mysticism seems to have a stronger grip on this issue with their
concept of the two faces of Shiva, Creator and Destroyer. Mythical Christianity misinterprets the
“other side of Grandfather” as an evil being which must be overcome.

A concept which is ultimately as impossible as having light without darkness or wet without dry. A concept which also gives man an excuse to not look for the answers within his own core.

Man, as a species, must rise to the realization that there is not some “outside Devil” making his
paradise less than perfect. That which we call Evil is simply the denial of our own spiritual
responsibility toward ourselves and those around us.

I believe that the sum total of what we define as evil in this world can be explained by the misled
efforts of those beings - both physical and invisible - who lead unbalanced, Spiritually uncentered lives.

The biggest influences working against men are their own powers unharnessed and uncontrolled. In the gospel of Thomas, Jesus says that we MUST bring out that Light which is within us or it will KILL US. Keeping your light under a bushel will burn the basket. That's the core of the sickness... The root angst from which springs all other symptoms.

While there are powerful Spirits at work in this world and the next, alluding to "evil powers that
be" is usually just another attempt at evading personal responsibility... 100% of what most
people experience as evil can be attributed to their own decisions without factoring in any
demons other than those of their own creation. And what you create, you can destroy.



Living in a state of Spiritual Imbalance produces effects which magnify over time, like the
increasing wobbles of a slowing gyroscope. The Spirit so encumbered becomes unable to help
himself, which automatically means he’s unable to help others. In the final throes the Spirit often
injures those within reach around him “on his way out.”

If enough people enter such a state of unhealthy disconnection an entire society decays. The
effects of Spiritual Drought become increasingly apparent as the people reach out to sensational
diversions to fill its increasing void.

Passing on the sickness from one generation to another makes it even more difficult to rectify the
effects of unbalanced lives. For example, there is no “root cause” for the mental illness of
someone who grew up in the shadow of an alcoholic parent. They inherit the problems of their
parent’s choices. ***************************

When an assailant lashes out, he’s striking at the shadows in his own Spirit. The victim becomes
caught in a web of co-creation shared with the attacker and all those who failed to feed his spirit
in the past.

The Spirits of violent men are often so afflicted by their stunted development that they grow
instantly hostile when shown any act of compassion, or indeed, any act of kindness that conflicts
with their own illusions of unworthiness.



● There is no one between you and Creator unless you put them there.

● I believe that each of us has a “bell” inside our heart that rings when Spiritual Truth is found. I
believe the only dogma that is truly needed for Spiritual Progress is the simple commandment, “if
it’s not written on your heart, don’t read it.” The tricky part is getting people to quiet themselves
enough to hear it.

● True Spiritual Progress entails taking personal responsibility for your thoughts and actions.
There is no holy book or ritual to absolve you. There is no shortcut to taking the reins of your
own Divinity and riding it Home.



Here’s how to tell a true prophet from a false one. “By their actions ye shall know them.” True
prophets and spiritual guides lead you to the gates of your own Spiritual Dawning and

They literally tend to you like a loving gardener, growing you into your own Spiritual Independence. False prophets and teachers train you to depend on them for guidance and instruction, telling you that you are not worthy or perhaps just not ready to trust your own spiritual instincts.

True Spiritual Leader = “Follow your heart, I’ll show you the way.”

False Spiritual Leader = “Follow me, I know the way.”

●  Spell EVIL backwards and it becomes LIVE.
    And so it is that the truest definition
    of evil is living backwards.

In my youth, one spiritual reality in particular bothered me and seemed without answer. The
death of the innocents, as in the classic example of a four year old killed under the wheels of a
bus. No preacher or text could give my heart an answer that made sense or eased the pain until,
one Dawn, a revelation came when I put the question to Creator.

The answer came to me as a light upon my heart that soon bubbled into words I could comprehend. “I am only doing it to Myself. I Am the 4 year old and I Am the wheels. I Am all things and I shall experience all things.” This, finally, gave my heart peace.


● In the material world you cannot destroy anything. You can change its state, but you are left
with the same amount of “stuff” as when you started. I believe that this physical law transmutes
to the Spiritual realm as well. I believe that we are all quite immortal, safe and impervious to
destruction in any sense. Our Spirits, being of Creator, are timeless and endless.

● I believe that all spirits are the same dimensions. There are no “small spirits” for we are each a
piece of the all encompassing whole which is without form, restriction or barrier. An ant has no
less majesty or depth than Man. It is simply Creator expressing Himself as an ant.

● I believe that our Spirits give off a range of vibrational states (or “Spiritual Colors”) according
to our state of being. As Red is a lower vibrational state than Blue in the visible light spectrum,
so also are the emotions of anger and rage lower vibrational states than the emotions of love,
compassion and spiritual awareness. By achieving and maintaining these higher vibrational states
of being, we spiral inward on the Infinite Path, drawing ourselves closer to Creator’s Center.

● I believe that locations and places can in some manner “record” the vibrations of events, even
replaying them in a manner perceptible to our senses when the vibrations were especially strong.
The manifestations observable at some haunted battlegrounds are one example of this.

Like rippling water from a dropped pebble, all events send waves through time and space.
Some Spirits are so willful and yet unbalanced that they literally cling to this place after passing
through the veil of death. 

The walk the halls of their former reality, trapped in a nightmare of their own making. If their personal power is strong enough, they can even manifest themselves to certain sensitive individuals. This, I believe, explains the manifestations (“hauntings”) of individual spirits.

● We are all born with an innate capacity to be “psychic,” but our cultures are, for the most part,
ignorant of this capability - or perhaps even fear it. A lack of proper training plus the clamor and
hustle of day-today life makes so much noise and distraction in our minds that most never hear
the faint voices in their heart. Our inner voices have been drowned out by modern media and
the nightly news onslaught.

This psychic capacity - which in reality is just the capability to pick up the inner voices of the
heart - can be discovered at any age, but much like learning music, it would seem that an early
proper foundation is usually vital for true mastery. Without use, our capabilities atrophy.



● For those who require proof beyond their own breath of the existence of God, I believe the
principle of “Original Cause” is our strongest logical verification. This series of processes we call a
Universe (Cause-Effect-Cause-Effect, ad infinitum) must have had a first event, a first motivating
cause… A finger flicking the first domino. That first verb, that Big Bang, was Creator.

● To those who view this Universe as a spontaneously generated anomaly, I simply ask,
spontaneously generated from WHAT? The Something comprising this reality had to have a
source. That source is Creator.

● Beyond this and other logical assumptions it remains an impossibility to test for Creator
because, being the core of all things, no instrument can be devised that is separate from what is
being tested. The eye literally cannot see itself and we have no way to construct a mirror
“outside of God” to reflect God.


Jesus Himself said that we are all “Sons of God”. Look it up in your favorite translation of the
Bible. He did not say we were, "almost as good"... He did not call us "less than but on the same
playing board"... He pronounced you a SON of God... An equal to Jesus Himself. The difference is
that Jesus is a fully REALIZED Son of Creator, free of the shackles created by the illusions of this
world. We are unrealized. And as such, our purpose here is not to learn, but to REMEMBER (remember) who we are.

Just as the younger brother lacks for a time the skills and power of the older brother, we are of
the same direct Spiritual Linage of Jesus, but we have yet to grow into our own Spiritual Maturity
and Awareness.


I believe that Jesus, as a fully realized Celestial Son and “director of this region of the Universe,”
has the responsibility of experiencing at least one life cycle of every sentient being under his
Divine Guidance.

I believe in the possibility that Jesus has visited this place on more than one occasion.


I believe that our dreams serve many purposes, one of which is actually a form of “God Practice.”
Tiny personal universes that we create in the same manner that we are created.

The orders of magnitude are vastly different, but there is a perfect fractal relationship between them.
Reality itself is a fractal. The microcosm reflects the macrocosm and perfect symmetry exists
between them. And that same fractal extends to our dreaming.

“ALL of the universe is one, flowing, fractal mind-form - we call it God, Goddess, Brahman, Allah,
Buddhahood, Ahura-Mazda, El-Shaddai, Jah, Manitou, Tao, math, language, chemistry, history,
religion, humor, evolution, and infinitely more.

It is "center everywhere, circumference nowhere - " we are the center of the universe, because it is infinite. And we are also an insignificant speck, a bubble on the cosmic oceans.” - Unknown


● It will not matter for Mother Earth how many feet walk the Spirit Path unless all the others find
their path as well and that will require a planet-wide epiphany. We are one great Global Being
intertwined. Until each piece is whole, no one piece can be The Whole.

● I believe in the possibility that this place, Earth, is in a continual state of upheaval in order to
allow our individual Spirits to transcend it. Global unity and epiphany is a worthy goal and a much
more fitting mindset than Armageddon, but the possibility exists that this place is not intended to
be anything other than what it is now… A melting pot of spiritual levels, voices and choices.

● Let us remember that Mother Earth is also a facet of Creator and She is that from which all life springs in this place and it is to Her that we shall all return.

● I believe that this planet is one of many in this Universe which supports “higher forms of life.”



● I believe that Creator has given us this reality as a safe haven where we are free to experiment
and grow in our own time and at our own pace.

Some of us are immediately drawn to following the Spirit Path while others simply enjoy (and get lost in) the infinite variety of sensations in this place.

The entanglements begin when our co-Creations intermingle and intertwine. Much, if not all, of
what is labeled as “Evil” in this world is a result of this co-mingling.

● I believe that each Spirit chooses much of the reality it experiences, mostly at a level that is
beneath our conscious awareness. Spiritual Maturity means taking the reins of this Creative
Process and becoming aware of our part in the proceedings.

● I believe that Creator doesn’t care what specific activities we engage in and how we choose to
spend our time. Eventually we ALL rejoin the Center and we have infinity to get there.

● Despite all the publicity to the contrary, I believe we are under the auspices of a loving God
who has no trouble relating to us in all our various states of being.

● I personally walk the path toward Higher Vibrational states as an active seeker of Creator in all
His facets. I choose to direct my path instead of just drifting along the sea of sensations.



● I believe the teachings of Elders such as Carl Jung, who postulate that any separateness
between us is an illusion, much as the Hawaiian Islands are by all appearances separate, when in
reality they are but the tips of mountains joined together at the common bedrock. When Jung
speaks of a Universal Consciousness connecting us all, I hear simply another description of

● I believe in the possibility of reincarnation, but given the premise that we are all God, the
question ultimately has no meaning anyway.

A better way to frame this inquiry would be, “are our Individual Identities (some would say souls) preserved when we leave this place?” I can only answer that my heart tells me it is so. Contemplations at Dawn reveal to me that each of our identities are sacred and equal to Grandfather. We are here to witness Creation and participate in it. The journey truly is the reward.


As shards of the Sacred Crystal, our experiences are what shape us, at least until we learn to
shape our experiences. All reality begins in thought. All thoughts bring with them realities. - 10 -
Clearing the spirit of outside influences and imposed thoughts is a necessary step if one seeks to
be free of the illusions of this co-reality.

For many, the scariest part of the process is trusting their own heart to know Truth when it finds it. They have been told all their lives that they cannot trust their inner voices for they are tainted and impure when, in fact, their very core is the essence of Creator in all His glory.

The act of focusing our thoughts is crucial to Spiritual progress.

"The one thing that we can say about fundamental matter is that it is vibrating. And since all
vibrations are theoretically sound, it is not unreasonable to suggest that the universe is music
and should be percieved as such."
- Joachim Ernst-Berendt
- Pythagoras (Mystic and inventor of geometry)


The road to our inner peace is frequently blocked by our own emotions and the way we cling to
them. There are simple to describe (yet difficult to follow) instructions for dealing with this:

First step... Forgive yourself

Second step... Forgive others

Third Step.... Move on

Most people skip that first step and try to start with the second... But you can't forgive anyone
else until you've truly made peace with yourself. And that, in my mind, includes purging yourself
of the false notions of unworthiness placed upon you by the myth of original Sin.



● I believe that this Life is but one chapter in a never-ending adventure whose ultimate
destination is an incredible re-joining with the Creator of All.

I believe that Death, as we know it here, is actually a form of Spiritually Puberty where we, as Celestial Brothers, come of age, reaching a new level of Spiritual Maturity… That is except for those who choose to reject the “graduation ceremony”.

● In death, Spirits depart this reality’s “subset” and enter the “superset” of the larger reality that
encompasses this one. To awake from death is as awakening from a deep dream.

● People generally die with their Spirits in one of 3 conditions, with the state of their Spiritual
Development being the determining factor.

Those operating at the highest vibrational levels gather so much Spiritual Power in this place that their passing is like crossing through a thin veil from this reality to the next. If they so desire, their understanding is such that they are able to pass freely back and forth from the subset to the superset.

These are the teachers and guides that assist the rest of us with our own Spiritual progress and transitions. Many of these Spirits have learned how to “pass back and forth” between realities even before their physical death.

For those whose life held to a more middling vibrational level of existence, the experience of
death is more painful, requiring the ripping of their illusions and the stripping of their pretenses
in one fell swoop. For these Spirits the transition of death is an awakening, often rude, which
then prepares them for their next series of experiences. This is the experience often misinterpreted as “Final Judgment” by many religions.

The lowest vibrational levels consist of those who live out their life in this place without
increasing their awareness, those who float lost upon reality’s ocean of sensations and conflicting

These poor tired Spirits often spend massive amounts of time after this life in a form of
“Divine Unconsciousness,” rebuilding their Spirit Energy from the traumas they carry with them

I believe that this third group presents the best argument for the possibility of reincarnation. For
various reasons these people cling so obsessively to their experiences in the material World that
they reject even the notion of moving beyond it.



All paths lead one of two directions, either spiraling inward, toward Creator, or outward, toward
the greater illusions of separation and eventual dissolution.

You have the ability to choose the
direction of your path at all times and there is no standing still. This is free will.


Just because my understanding may be different from yours,
do not assume I have NO understanding.

We just come from different experiences.
Just because my vision is different from yours,
do not assume I am blind.

We just see things differently.
Just because you disagree with my words,
do not assume you are the only "good person"
in the conversation.
That is called prejudice. The mother of hatred.


I pledge allegiance to humanity
And to the Mother Planet on which we stand.

One Earth, under Creator, indivisible,
With liberty, justice and opportunity for all,
Including the generations to come.

Reverend Steven Cox
 Voice of Golden Eagle
 March 15, 2006 "

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