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Nov 30, 2016

STOP telling kids you are going to break alot of hearts or you will be a heart breaker someday. What this says is that you are so cute that people will "want you", you will not "want them" and this will therefore break their heart. Another words they are upset, sad or even angry because they CAN'T HAVE YOU. This teaches that you are somehow responsible for when others want you and you don't give yourself to them. This teaches that it is somehow a bad thing for other's to have a broken heart because they can't get what they want, in this case you.

When songs, and people's chatter talks about women that are heart breakers, what they are really saying is she is beautiful and those whose hearts get broke are the ones that can't have her. Thing is she don't want them. This is a basic consent issue. Stop calling women heart breakers, the men are the ones you are implying will have broken hearts, and that is based only on looks and therefore based only on sex, not love, and not heart.

No one is responsible for another's heartbreak. Teaching responsibility for one's own emotion at a young age is important. So STOP using the word heart breaker. STOP putting that on children. You think it's lighthearted fun. It is NOT. Every word has Magic, have mean and is teaching, or is breaking or reaffirming programming.

~ Reverend Crystal Cox Rant